Best VR Headset For PS4

Best VR Headset For PS4For the best gaming experience, you need a headset to increase your expertise and love for gaming. These VR headsets will lower the external noise and make all your virtual animation feel real. If you are new in the world of games, you must be looking for a worth

buying headset.

Headsets contribute a lot to fun with PS4. The handsets that we have reviewed are best in their sound quality as well as in animation. Some games offer protection from surrounding sound and make your connection with your foes and partners great without interruption and inconvenience.

We have reviewed the best 8 VR Headsets; you can check this article and choose one of the best VR headsets for your PS4. To save your time, we have researched and pic up top and best quality headset.

My Top Pick…

Due to lack of time, you can buy an Oculus Quest All-In-One gaming VR headset that is unbelievable in its quality and animation. This Headset is best in rating, and you can buy this with complete trust.

Best VR Headset For PS4

We get the best out of stock by observing features of different headsets, and from their comparison, you may come out with the best.PS4 offers impressive games, and you can make this more fantastic with a high-quality headset.

You may review this table, make your comparison and choose the best VR headsets for PS4 according to your choice.

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Without any more wait and wastage of time, let’s review every product deeply.

1.) Oculus Rift S-PC

Oculus Rift S-PCGaming with PS4 always has a unique experience that it can enhance by using Oculus Rift S-PC. In this era, everything is going towards perfections, then how can game live behind. This age of technology also made innovations in headsets specially designed for PS4. To meet the needs, Oculus Rift S-PC is here with its significant specifications.

Key Features:

Oculus Rift S-PC provides you a gaming library for your VR Headset. In these VR headsets, hundreds of games are already present, so you don’t have to look up choices and then install them for play. It’s a gaming world where you can play already installed games, and it’s not the limit; many more still has to come.

Whenever you are ready to sit a game, the more you see, the more precise, more realistic games will appear. This Oculus Rift S-PC, with clear and improved colors, delivers 3-D and excellent pictures. with its screen door effect, this Headset is designed to provide you extra comfort during playing.

Another feature present in Oculus Rift S-PC is its extra comfort level that is improved a lot. With time, you will feel more comfortable than last time, because of its excellent and equal weight distribution.  No external sensors are present; everything is in record with 5 VR headsets inside cameras.Buy from Amazon

  • Easy installment
  • No external wire
  • Excellent touch controllers
  • Make communication easier
  • Less quality audio

Final Verdict:

Oculus Rift S-PC is going to be your best VR Headset for PS4. Everyone wants to play without any hindrance from outside, and playing is fun if the VR headset is comfortable. All these features are present in Oculus Rift S-PC, making your VR Headset best for PS4; you must buy them and enjoy playing.

Expert Opinion:

2.) Oculus Quest All-In-One

Oculus quest all-in-oneWe play games only when we enjoy the fun, with no compromise on graphics and quality. If you are looking for a VR headset for PS4, then you must try Oculus quest all-in-one. This Headset with no challenging and complicated installment, fantastic animation, and great sensors make your PS4 perfect for you. This Headset is ideal with no compromise on beauty and performance.

Key Features:

If you are in love with games, then you must have Oculus quest all-in-one with you all the time. This Headset requires no PC; no wires just hold the controllers, and you are in the game zone. With this VR Headset, you can play games at any place and any time without disturbing anyone.

A few years back, you were sitting and looking towards your game. We passed this era of seating, and now it’s the time to get into the game instead of just watching. This VR headset offers such a good quality of playing that you can feel every motion of your enemy so clearly and feels near to you. Before this VR Headset, you were never so close to the action.

Play games in Oculus quest all-in-one with safety. You can play the games while moving, walking without falling. This VR headset has a guardian system that will protect you from near-by-objects when you are in-game. This VR headset is unique in its beauty and framework with high resolution and graphics.Buy from Amazon

  • Awesome head tracking
  • Excellent resolution
  • Easy installment
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Final Verdict:

Oculus quest all-in-one with high resolution and 3D animation offers you a high-quality gaming experience. With this VR Headset, you can play the game anywhere without any limitation in your motion, and you can install the fun and play where you want. This VR headset stays cool and also keeps you calm while playing.

3.) HTC Vive Virtual Reality System

HTC Vive Virtual Reality SystemLet’s enter into the world of virtual reality with HTC Vive Virtual reality system. If you want to enjoy gaming with actual, excellent resolution, you must buy HTC Vive Virtual reality. This system will make your gaming not just playing but also made you feel your presence within the game.

Key Features:

HTC Vive Virtual reality system has a unique feature of the flexible area. You love the playing game on PS4 that will adjust according to your style. If your Headset needs a fixed type of playing, you may get bore. This VR headset is flexible in the way you are comfortable playing. This feature is loving by all the players, new and old.

If you want to own a healthy lifestyle but don’t give up games on PS4, this HTC Vive Virtual reality system will be for you. You can play the game not just sitting; you can also play by walking, lying, or in any way you want to adapt for your health.  Its head strap and trackers are good and are sensitive enough to record every minor motion of your head.

This HTC Vive Virtual reality system powered with steam VR enables you to enjoy thousands of games with auto-update features. This Headset allows you to keep update on incoming exciting and new games and enable you to keep in touch with your friends. By logging in through your Facebook account, you can also play games with your friends.Buy from Amazon

  • Multi-player with one Headset
  • No wires
  • Size and weight adjustment
  • Sensitive trackers
  • The screen door effect is not of high quality

Final Verdict:

HTC Vive Virtual reality system with fantastic eye relief features allows you to play the game without any extra burden on your eyes. You can buy this VR headset for your PS4 if you want to enhance your fun while playing your favorite game.

4.) Play station VR-Mega Blood

Play station VR-Mega BloodWith Play station, VR-Mega Blood discovers a new world of games for you. Your heart will start throbbing, your eyes will dilate, and your action will be perfect with this VR headset. With Play station VR-Mega Blood, you will enter the world of more than two hundred incredible and unique games.

Key Features:

This Headset is what you were looking for. Its head strap is comfortable for both big and small head person. By putting your head strap tight, it according to your requirement. This Headset is with a lock through which you can adjust the screen’s position to make it closer or keep it at some distance.

Some games like Super-Hot are present in this Headset. While playing, you have to protect yourself from punching and shooting with one hand. On the other hand, you have to pick the weapon and toss bottles all in slow motion. These all features will produce a natural effect as you are experiencing it in the game. It looks so real that you feel something is shooting at you.

Play station VR-Mega Blood is going to add some extra fun to your gaming experience. If you don’t love playing games, you will love the games playing with their real-life features and animation. This VR Headset will surely be a game-changing experience to play with Play station VR-Mega Blood for your PS4.Buy from Amazon

  • Excellent sound tracker
  • Wireless control
  • Real-life experience
  • Amazing move controllers
  • Set up offer some difficulty

Final Verdict:

Play station VR-Mega Blood is getting the attention of gamers and non-gamers at the same rate because of its significant experience in playing and gaining experience for all the games you want.

5.) Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VRSony PlayStation VR delivers an unbelievable gaming experience with PlayStation. Discover an entirely new world of amazing games with Sony PlayStation VR. Redefine your view for games that will take your imaginations into the fun beyond the level you think or assume. So, step up in the world of games with Sony PlayStation VR and face all the challenges in a new and unique way.

Key Features:

You will love the game if you feel yourself in the game. This feeling of being in the game comes with what you see on the screen. Sony PlayStation VR 5.7 inches display with 1080p Display offers a high quality of graphics that keep you connected and make virtual animation a real-life phenomenon.

You will feel comfortable with this Headset that has a unique feature to adjust according to your need. The engineering of this Headset allows it to balance quickly. In virtual space, your natural movements are recording with trackless and sensitive controllers. This Headset will help you to play games on VR Headset for PS4.

Playing a game on a VR headset is not so easy as it has become with Sony PlayStation VR. Just plug the headset, camera, and play staion4; you are ready to go into the world of games. 3D audio technology allows you to notice the pinpoint drop sound without any confusion. With this Headset, you can judge the footstep distance just like your real life.Buy from Amazon

  • Lens adjustments
  • A lot of VR demos are present
  • Easy installment
  • Real-life animations
  • You may lose track with the slight motion of your head

Final Verdict:

Sony PlayStation VR will make you active and more fun during playing games. With USB chargers, cleaning cloth, and cushion in-short, all accessories are included in this VR Headset. This VR is the best VR Headset for PS4 due to its 3-d audio and graphical technology.

6.) PlayStation VR-Creed

PlayStation VR-CreedIf you are playing a game, you must get into the game to make the best gaming and fighting experience. Ordinary headsets only allow you to see what they want to show you. With PlayStation VR-Creed, you can observe the things of your choice and your favor. This  VR will make you love the games, play, and get your best time pass done.

Key Features:

This PlayStation VR-Creed has the feature to produce a real-life experience. Just watch and enjoy s old-fashion trend, walk-in side-by-side with the technology for games and get the innovative technology of playing games at your home with PlayStation VR-Creed.

Ordinary headsets produce a burden, and you feel hectic after playing games. But PlayStation VR-Creed is unique in its tire-free feature. You will love to play the fun not only for a short time but you can play for a considerable time without getting tired and bored.

Two PlayStation Move controllers are also present in this PlayStation VR-Creed. With move controllers, trackers are also current that is associated with motions sensor. You can control the movement in-game easily with the slight movement of your hand and your eyes.Buy from Amazon

  • Easy installment
  • No wires
  • Hand tracking power
  • Eye adjustment
  • Resolution is not mind-blowing

Final Verdict:

PlayStation VR-Creed will make your game time perfect with your friends near you and those not present at your position. This VR Headset will be your next favorite Headset if you want to play and enjoy it in real meaning.

7.) DESTEK V4 VR Headset

DESTEK V4 VR HeadsetDESTEK V4 VR Headset allows you to play your favorite racing game without spending extra money on tickets and has no fear of hurting. Suppose you want to take the thrilling and most terrifying ride on your favorite seat without spending money. Let’s have fun and start your competition with the shark. If you want to do so, just buy DESTEK V4 VR Headset.

Key Features:

This DESTEK V4 VR Headset allows you to enjoy the game in your theatre and at your favorite seat, with ultra-high quality graphics and animation on a large screen provide you the best environment to play your favorite game. DESTEK V4 VR Headset has a unique T-shape head strap that will adjust on your head without coming in contact with your ears.

To bring versatility to your games, DESTEK V4 VR Headset has excellent versatility with touch buttons. You can shoot, jump, fly and swim with a single touch button. This button power will bring more fun and enjoyment to your game. Soft padding allows you to feel more comfortable, and you can game for a long time without any irritation.

You cannot ignore eyes while playing games; continuous playing of games produces a burden on your eyes. DESTEK V4 VR Headset protects the eyes from extra burden with its neon light technology. You can play games easily without having a fear of damage to your eyes.Buy from Amazon

  • Excellent quality
  • More fun with just a single touch
  • Protect your eyes
  • High resolution
  • Not suitable for use over glasses

Final Verdict:

DESTEK V4 VR Headset offers a high level of fun and enjoyment with extra protection and relief on your eyes. This VR Headset will make it suitable for all ages of people, young or adult. Everyone can use them with great comfort and an adjustable head-strap.

8.) Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality HeadsetThis Virtual reality Headset is the last on the list but not last in its features and quality, and It will give you unlimited access to a fantastic VR world with never-ending fun and an increasing level of excitement. This Headset will be the best partner for your leisure time.

Key Features:

If you are a person who loves to stay at home but also to make fun? Then Virtual reality Headset will be the best gift for you that allows you to experience all kinds of games and scenes while sitting at your home without any discomfort and inconvenience.

In the current scenario, your movements are less free as compared to the past. You cannot go outside make gathering and enjoy your favorite game with your friends. Virtual reality Headset allows you to play your favorite games and make fun with them throughout the world with ultra-high-level communication and graphics.

Where is comfort, there is more fun. This Headset is comfortable with an adjustable head-strap and soft cushions. You can enjoy playing games without any burden on your neck and eyes. Virtual reality Headsets with lightweight also add fun and comfort to your game.Buy from Amazon

  • High resolution
  • Soft cushions
  • No burden on neck and eyes
  • High resolution
  • No warranty is available

Final Verdict:

Virtual reality Headset offers you a high-quality gaming experience with all the things you have to consider while buying a VR headset for PS4. Make your investment in the right place with this VR headset. This Headset can be the best gift to adult and young ones.

Buying Guide:

This review of some best VR Headsets for PS4 will help you choose the best product. But we can solve your further confusion with this buying guide.


Whenever you buy a VR Headset, there will be no compromise on animation and graphics. What will be a headset without high resolution? So, whenever you are willing to buy a VR headset, you must conform its solution must be high enough to create actual animation.

Comfortable In Use:

As you are a game lover or a beginner, your priority is comfort in playing. If you are comfortable playing, you will love the game. You must choose a headset that will not pull your nerves, not create a burden on your eyes.

It would be best to choose a headset with a comfortable strap that fits over your head while moving, sitting, or lying. You can choose a headset with soft cushions or pads that are not irritating.

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Here, we have explained everything you need to look at while buying VR Headset for PS4. But if you still have confusion, we have a FAQ to solve them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Is The Best VR Headset For PS4?

Oculus Quest All-In-One is the best VR headset with excellent features. This Headset offers you all in one feature fun, comfortable, and exciting actual animation simultaneously.

Can You Use Any VR Headsets For PS4?

All the headsets are not suitable for use on PS4. You can use the VR headset that is compatible with your PS4; otherwise, it may damage both devices.

Is The PS4 VR Headset Worth It?

Yes, PS4 VR Headset worth it. In this era of technology and growth, one can enjoy games, movies at any time with no compromise on quality, and there will also be no disturbance.

Can You Use A Standard VR Headset For PS4?

Yes, you can use the ordinary VR headsets for PS4. But then you will no longer get the experience and fun that is associated with special VR Headsets.

Why Is PS4 VR So Expensive?

When you buy a PS4, you will enter into the exciting and thrilling world of fun and enjoyment. Thrill, entertainment, and adventure always need some money.


We have reviewed the best VR Headset for PS4 that will increase your love for your favorite game. By purchasing these headsets, you can make your investment worth it.

Now, you can review this article and can come out with the best VR Headset. Bring one of your favorite headsets and make your gaming experience great.

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