Best VR Headset for DCS (2023)- Time to Boost UP the DCS Joy

Best VR Headset For DCS

Digital Combat Simulator or DCS is an excellent game of jet fighting, but many other critical actions also happen in this game that is worth noting.

The environment of the game, aircraft physics, flights, the way the sun hits the aircraft, the light cracks the ground, boost the game’s fun together; in fact, all these tiny yet joyous things are part of the game.

Unfortunately, without a Virtual Reality headset, you cannot feel the authentic charm of the games, and nothing looks inspiring, thrilling, or enthusiastic; luckily, the current headsets aim to provide you with the next level of immersion where you feel like flying.

Are you wondering about headsets for DCS? Do you want to feel HUDs, holes, gauges in the game? Are you willing to see the targets touching the ground? Do you urge for a clear distinction between your missile and enemy aircraft?

Rush to read the review of our selected Virtual Reality headset then.

Are you ready to begin the review? Perfect!

My Top Pick…

But wait! We also have a top-pick, Oculus Rift S PC, for you; it is the VR headset that has won the race of the best VR headset for 2022 DCS in 2022.

Best VR Headset For DCS

Here, we also have a comparison table for you; just plunge into it to get to know the key features of our selected VR headsets. Helpful!

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 Getting the most reliable VR headset brands is essential as nobody can buy such expensive headsets repeatedly; even picking them for the first time gives severe pain in your back.

Anyhow, in this article, you will get great VR headsets with extraordinary features that won’t disappoint you ever.

Are you ready to explore? Read, set, and here we begin!

1.) Oculus Rift S PC

Oculus Rift S PC

This Oculus Rift S headset is a pocket-friendly choice for DCS in the VR world, giving you access to many games like you are in a game library. Its rigid design and black color scheme make it super-cool and the number one choice of gamers.

Key Features:

It provides solid sound quality via its built-in stereo. The Oculus Rift S is built with advanced optics and next-generation lenses just to give gamers a sharper display.

Improved optics keep the screen door effect less and deliver vivid and bright colors. In addition, this new headset also does not use any external sensors; these are built into the headset.

Get realistic precision with Oculus touch controllers who never miss your slashes or grabs while gaming.


This most advanced PC-powered gaming headset weighs 1050 grams that will keep the eyes free from the burden. Just log in with your Facebook account and connect with thousands of people in the VR world across the globe.

The high-quality PC powered the best VR headset for DCS gaming, thanks to its OLED display and high native resolution that will give sharper displays and keep gamers involved in games during extended hours.

Buy from Amazon

  • Built-in headband
  • budget-friendly
  • Inside out tracking
  • Low Resolution
  • Less refresh rate

Final Verdict:

The best headset by Oculus is affordable and gives you a life-changing experience of the VR world. Wear the Oculus Rift S PC headset and look stylish and remain comfortable so that this is one of the best from the available S series by Oculus.

Expert Opinion:

2.)  VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android

VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android

Stop searching for more and get this compatible, comfortable, and stylish headset made for everyone, either kids or adults. The Virtual Reality headset compatible with iPhone & Android is a headset that gives you an incredible experience of the Virtual Reality world.

Key Features:

Feel pleasure with this compatible headset equally good with iPhone and Android; use it yourself or use it to give a gift to others. This fantastic headset weighs only 0.01 ounces and provides a screen with a display resolution of 4- 6.3 just for your immersive 360 visual experience.

It is built with advanced VR gaming technology making this headset

excellent for watching movies and playing games. This headphone is fitted with FD and OD adjustments to match focal distance and expand viewing angle. In addition, the distortion is reduced with its unilateral myopic alignment.

The eyes are the most sensitive part of the body, and this headset

keeps your eyes safety the priority with its eye-sight protection system, the soft nose piece lessens the pressure on the nose, and adjustable head straps keep the headset in place.

Buy from Amazon

  • Adjustable straps
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Eye-sight protection system
  • Heavy

Final Verdict:

Now, you don’t need to worry that this headset is not working with your devices. This headphone is equally good with iPhone and Android and has an effortless setup and advanced features that matchless. So, grab it now and enjoy endless gaming hours.

3.) Acer (AH101-D8EY) Windows

Acer (AH101-D8EY) Windows

Get a remarkable computing experience with the Acer AH101-D8EY that gives windows mixed reality headset, that is the advanced form of VR. With its bold and retro design, this headset looks like a visor. The perfect blend of virtual and real-world, this is a never-missed product.

Without any further delay, scroll down more to see the features of this unique headset.

Key Features:

The headset by Acer comes with an elastic strap that neatly fits on the back of your head, and for the front, it has an adjustable head strap that keeps the headset in place, and you will not feel irritation. Quickly look at the surroundings by just flipping the flip up design the front visor.

The Acer mixed reality headset has a resolution of 1400 x 1400 per eye with a refresh rate of 90 Hz that keeps motion sickness away and provides smooth gaming hours.

This headset comes with a dual LCD; the more than enough resolution helps distinguish details more while flying in DCS.

This great headset features an easy setup; all you need to do is Undoubtedly on your PC, map the surroundings, jump into DCS, and enjoy flying around.

The setup becomes easy as the controllers are already paired with the headset.Buy from Amazon

  • Lightweight
  • Tracking camera
  • 6 degree of freedom
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Login via Facebook ID

Final Verdict:

Go, and buy the best virtual windows mixed reality headsets for DCS and enjoy flying in the virtual shere. It is difficult to find these many unique features in other headsets. Acer makes it easy for gamers to enjoy the mixed reality and cool features in a single headset.

4.) Freefly Mobile Virtual Reality Headset

Freefly Mobile Virtual Reality Headset

The  Freely Mobile VR headset is designed to offer as much realism as possible, the great showcase of the VR world is DCS, and the level of immersion that a user obtains with this headset is matchless.

Time to look at the additional features of this Freely Mobile VR headset.

Key Features:

Enjoy the full virtual reality world with this headset simply using it with your smartphone device via its 360 degrees head movement.

While wearing this advanced virtual reality headset, in seconds, you will feel yourself present in an exotic location, dancing through the club, or sitting in a fantasy theater enjoying your favorite show. Indeed, the best way to jump into the VR world. Fantastic indeed!

In addition, This lightweight headset blocks the external light, so you feel like you are in another world that is entirely different from the real one.

Thanks to its adjustability, the Freely mobile VR headset is compatible with several latest phones. One additional feature of this VR headset for DCS is that it is cable-free and comes with adjustable head straps to keep it in place and easy for everyone to wear.

This device is compatible with multiple phones; some of them are Google Nexus, Samsung S4, S5, S6, Sony Xperia, LG G3, iPhone 6 & 6 plus. Super cool & amazing for sure.

The things that come with this superb headset are a hardshell carry case, Freely VR adaptor, instruction manual, and lens cloth. Near-sighted people can use it with contact lenses.Buy from Amazon

  • Cable-free
  • Easy setup
  • Adjustable Head Straps
  • The charging cable is missing
  • Remote not useful with iPhone 6

Final Verdict:

I am pretty sure that this Freely mobile Virtual Reality Headset for DCS is not a product to be missed. Compatible with so many advanced and stylish phones and engineered with matchless features makes this a must-have product. Grab it before it is too late.

5.) VR SHINECON 3D VR Headset

VR SHINECON 3D VR HeadsetTech companies are investing in making VR headsets that support DCS. The DCS takes gamers into the skies and adds more action. The same is the case with VR SHINECON 3D VR Headset for DCS.

We will end your curiosity and put some light on the extraordinary features of this VR headset.

Key Features:

Get peace of mind using this headset by VR SHINECON because it protects your smartphone screen and case from scratches via its soft sponge present inside the headset.

The comfortable design of this headset gives it a unique position among others. Now, no worries of dizziness and fatigue with the VR SHINECON as it features a T-Shaped Strap that lessens the pressure to 30 %.

This headset is lightweight to keep your head burden-free and allows you to enjoy every minute of the virtual world. A soft-leather protector gives your skin a baby-like treatment, breathing comfortably with its cutout for a nose.

This headset gives the best VR experience with its adjustable Pupil distance and focal distance. Even under 600 degrees, our VR glasses fit easily to any user, even myopia ones.

Buy from Amazon

  • Adjustable T-shaped strap
  • Comfortable
  • Easy-focus lens
  • A bit of burden for eyes

Final Verdict:

Right, now this is the cheapest headset available for you. So, why not buy a headset that offers a room of features at an affordable price. So, go ahead!

6.) Oculus – Rift S PC-Powered

Oculus – Rift S PC-Powered

Image Quality is the most critical factor when going to shop for a VR headset for DCS. Fortunately, the Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR headset gives you an excellent image quality that everyone will love. It comes with advanced features and is built by keeping the ease for your eyes in mind.

Key Features:


This headset features an LED display and whole custom-designed fresnel lenses with great whole undoubtedly 1280x 1440 pixels per eye with a refresh rate of 80 Hz.

This headset does not need any external tracking sensors because it is built with room-scale Oculus insight tracking to convert movements into the virtual world.

This headset comes with a Halo band strap system that ensures a tight but comfortable fit with less light leakage.

This fantastic headset also has an Authorized BROGUE Bundle with a 5 ft USB extension cable, USB 3.0 extender, and a data transfer cord.

Improved optics and ergonomic design make this headset unique from others. So now, get crisp-clear images and enjoy your leisure time. What an appreciable performance!

Buy from Amazon

  • Adjustable Headband
  • Excellent performance
  • Data transfer cord
  • Need Facebook ID

Final Verdict:

This affordable and best Virtual Reality headset comes with improved optics and is surely the first choice of users. Wear it with comfort and get an immersive lifetime experience. All in all, it is a high-value Virtual Reality headset!

7.) HP Reverb VR Headset

HP Reverb VR Headset

A great addition to the world of VR, this HP Reverb headset is a product that everybody wants to get. The excellent design and fantastic display make it the best Virtual Reality headset for the Digital Combat Simulator, where pilots drive a range of warships and aircraft.

Below are some incredible features that make it the best VR headset for DCS.

Key Features:

If we discuss the design and style of this headset, it is light in weight and comfortable to wear; you can wear it for long hours, but it won’t give you pain. Moreover, it is effortless and painless to carry this headset.

To adjust precisely with the gamer’s head its nylon, and plastic straps have hook and loop fasteners. At the back of your head, these straps are padded in the form of a circular ring.

With a per-eye resolution of 2160×2160, this headset delivers excellent display and sounds with its 2.89-inches LCD lenses. In addition, the side-door effect reduces automatically with this much resolution helps the user to view the single-pixel patterns.

This greatundoubtedly headset has two motion controllers and is based on mixed virtual reality. Connect it to a PC with a cable because it is a tethered headset; a minimum power PC is required for this headset.

A heart-winning performance!

Buy from Amazon

  • High Resolution
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Crispy display
  • Cable is an issue
  • Bad tracking

Final Verdict:

Surely, the most favorite headset of gamers, combination of highly advanced features and immersive display, this HP Reverb headset gives immense competition to other available headsets for DCS. So, take a wiser decision, and don’t miss this out.

8.) DESTEK V5 VR Headset

DESTEK V5 VR Headset

Based on the features and specifications, it is time to hook up with your screens to connect to the best VR headsets for DCS (Digital Combat Simulator) because the DESTEK V5 VR headset is available in the market just for your life-changing experience.

Key Features:

Get the immersive and truly mesmerizing experience with the DESTEK V5 VR Headset for DCS that allows 110-degree horizontal FOV that gives excellent depth and perception.

With the new release, DESTEK VR5 headset 2020, enjoy roller-coaster rides, travel through the crisscrossing tracks, and feel free in the noisy place, screaming at fellow passengers and in the airships.

This headset delivers a spatial high-quality VR experience because it supports wearing glasses. The DESTEK V5 has space for drinksIndeedke other headsetsIndeedundoubtedlylfill more customer needs.

If you want to optimize your visual experience, this headset is designed with a Pupil distance button having an extensive range.

Compared to the 13.4 oz V4 headset, this new V5 headset weighs only 11.5, making it lightweight and comfortable enough to wear. This V6is made with plastic component swaps, and also manufacturing is improved.

This great headset features a head strap that helps to reduce pressure, which is pretty tight but gives an easy fit. Stay comfortable during use, thanks to its removable facebook made with ultra-soft washable breathing fabric. Stay easy, breezy, and stylish with this new release of DESTEK.

Buy from Amazon

  • Comfortable
  • Easy with glasses
  • Adjustable diopter system
  • Side ports allow ventilation
  • Blur image sometimes

Final Verdict:

Buy this great headset that is designed with numerous features to enjoy your gaming hours without any worry. The DESTEK headset is undoubtedly the best addition. 

Buy this great headset that is designed with numerous features to enjoy your gaming hours without any worry. The DESTEK headset is undoubtedly the best addition.

How to Pick the Best VR Headset for DCS- Our Ultimate Guide

Every Virtual Reality headset comes with unique features, but there are certain features that we cannot ignore; hence when you are going to buy a good VR headset, you must check the following factors in them.

Audio of Headset:

Standalone headsets are dedicated to delivering integrated audio systems, but PlayStation VR does not contain audio systems. Hence, it is suggested to buy your own headphones gaming headset.

Hand Controller:

Many headsets do not have a hand controller to control, but the latest headsets have remote controllers that let you control different functions of the headset. So, it is better to pick the headset that comes with the newest technology of hand controller.

Battery Life of Wireless VR Headset:

If you have a wireless VR headset, check your headset’s battery life as it is necessary to know. Many short battery life headsets leave you in between the game, and your fun gets ruined. So, you must be carefull about the battery life.


Headsets come in different weights; when you think about buying a lightest headset to play games, go with a lightweight one to protect your head from discomfort, pain, or irritation. Heavy headsets give pain and anger; moreover, your gaming joy turns into annoyance. S, don’t ignore this factor as well.

Must keep these factors in your mind while you go to market or try to buy your VR headset online. These worth-considering factors will make your VR headsets worthy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Which VR Headset Is Best For DCS?

Cosmo Elite is the best for DCS as it has a 1440 x 1700 resolution per eye that, in return, offers a significant and clear display to enjoy the game.

Is VR Good In DCS?

Yes, of course! VR is good in DCS as this game contains aircraft that you need to shoot from miles, and headsets make them easily possible.

Can You Use VR In DCS?

Yes, VR in DCS makes you enjoy every detail of your game profoundly expandKeeputterly, but many gamers also use a mouse for this purpose.

How Do I Make DCS Look Better In VR?

You do not need to make any adjustments as VR headsets are already the best fit for VR.

Do All VR Headsets Need A Phone?

No, VR headsets are standalone gadgets that do not need any phone for their connectivity of performance.


We all know that to enjoy the real essence of DCS, we need a dependable VR headset. Right?


Thus, in this article, we have enlisted the top-grade and pre-eminent popular VR headsets of the market; getting any of the headsets from the above collection is safer for you than buying any of the random from the market.


Get into a VR headset and enjoy every bit of your DCS!

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