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Best VR Headset For IRacing

Overtaking your buddies with solid driving skills, making a clean drift, and taking decent turns over a curvy road, is enough to make your heart pound with excitement. But, this PC gaming experience is quite limited!

Fellas, Are you thirsty for some immersive iracing with nothing to hinder your gaming progress? Yes? Then try VR headsets, designed for more depth perception and enriched immersive experience. They promote a more exquisite and true-to-life adventure, enough to make your adrenaline go wild!

The variety at the VR market is astonishing, but the question is, “which gadget would go well with your iracing vr game?” 

My Top Pick…

The Oculus  Quest 2 fulfills

all the standards for the ideal VR headset for iracing. This buddy not only boasts dramatic sound clarity, but its ergonomic structure and robust performance are also enough to provide you with insane iracing fun!

Top 8 Best VR Headsets For IRacing

For analyzing the VR headset’s unique perks, see the table below!

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Let’s investigate these products!

1.) Oculus  Quest 2

Oculus  Quest 2

Oculus has finally aced the Standalone type VR headsets with their latest launch, the Oculus Quest 2, which, unlike its forerunners, is not bound by any cable, pc, or mobile to work!

Let’s see how this gadget has taken the crown as the best one!

Key Features:

The Oculus Quest is a 7. 7pounds chubby buddy, splashed with blizzard white tones, adding glamor to its unit. This plastic chassis gadget has a foamy eye mask for improved comfort and has four cameras mounted over it for position tracking. It features comfy and elastic 3-point soft straps illustrating an improved fitting over your head.

It has circular-shaped touch controllers similar in design to oculus rift S.

However, its circular surface is much bigger and broader than the previous models for good performance. They are not so heavy and are easy to use. Unlike the old models, the battery floor won’t slide off while gaming.

Are you interested in its specifications? 

Its screen is LCD, boasting epic sharpness with its 1832x 1920 pixel resolution/ eye. It functions at a 90Hz refresh rate, whereas it provides 6DoF motion detection.

Like the Oculus Rift S, it works via a Facebook account.

It even uses the same guardian system used by the previous models. This system is sort of your guardian to prevent you from leaving your designated playing area. As soon as you cross the boundary, the system will warn you, making virtual gaming safe for you!

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  • Cable-free
  • Sharper display
  • Stunning motion tracking
  • Underwhelming battery

Final Verdict:

The Oculus Quest 2, although it features subpar battery life. But regardless of this shortcoming, it still provides you extraordinary performance, durability, and system compatibility. It’s entitled the best Vr headset for racing by iracing aficionados!

Expert  Opinion:

2.) Oculus Rift S PC-Powered

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

The Oculus Rift S is a tethered headset, quite similar to the original Rift. This buddy excels in superior performance and advanced features.

But is this best headset for your iracing gameplays? Let’s see!

Key Features:

Brushed in a plain black color, the Oculus rift S promotes a superior LCD panel having premium 1280x 1440 resolution. The Oculus Rift S requires a Personal Computer for fluid processing, meaning that it can flawlessly handle epic graphics compared to standalone headsets.

The Oculus Rift S features an  80 Hz refresh rate. Let’s talk about its connectivity; it’s connected to a Pc with a display port. Since this headset connects via a display port, plenty of HDMI-compatible gaming laptops won’t get supported by this headset.

Also, although it features a long cable, your movements would still be limited. You won’t be able to move freely like the standalone ones.

Now, come the controllers, which are identical to Oculus Quest 2 ones. The controllers feature 6DOF motion detection. Also, they both are equipped with a dual face button, an analog stick, a pair of triggers, and a menu button to control your virtual world effortlessly.

To limit your playing area, it uses the guardian system to promote safe plays.Buy from Amazon

  • Both headset & controller boast remarkable motion tracking
  • Honorable software library
  • Set up is a breeze
  • Limited mobility
  • Should have an HDMI port

Final Verdict:

The Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset offers plenty of action-packed elements. Although it does need some modifications, its performance is still epic while playing iracing.

3.) Playstation VR

Playstation VR

Do you have a PS4? If yes, try the Playstation VR. It is designed especially for PS4 consumers. With this chunk, you don’t have to purchase a gaming PC to go well with the VR headset. Just plug the headset into your gaming console, and you get to have epic virtual fun!

Key Features:

The Playstation VR features an exquisite design featuring a mix of blue, black, and white colors. This headset facilitates an ergonomic structure that won’t pinch your face. Simply push the button to loosen up the sides of this unit so that you can comfortably wear it.

For adjusting your focus level, this unit boasts yet another responsive button. It’s610 grams, but the weight is nicely balanced. That’s the reason why, despite it being bulky, it still provides you with a lightweight feel!

It’s a fantastic device, but is it vulnerable to sweat and dirt?

No, it’s not! With the rubber-constructed face mask, the sweat or dirt won’t get sucked into it like the foam one. Not to mention, these rubber sheets also serve to block the light.

Although the PlayStation VR has great potential, its controllers are sadly very underwhelming. These controls are pretty limited, unlike the oculus quest 2 and rift S.

Apart from these shortcomings, the Playstation VR facilitates an easy setup and promotes a good performance. It’s an excellent choice for you if you are an iracing enthusiast!Buy from Amazon

  • Affordable
  • Honorable performance
  • Motion tracking needs working

Final Verdict:

Playstation VR is a cheap gadget that might be lacking some crisp features like the top-rated Oculus Quest 2 or may oculus rift S, but because this pal uses PS4 rather than the expensive gaming gear, it’s worth purchasing.

4.) SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey


Samsung is undoubtedly late joining the Windows mixed reality party, but it has perfectly brought forward a fascinating model, the SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey, bragging about its action-packed specifications!

What makes this gadget so stellar? Let’s explore!

Key Features:


The SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey is black-toned with no accents, featuring a remarkable resemblance with the LG Stream VR. It weighs just under 1.5 pounds, giving off a lightweight feel.

The visor of this gadget is more glossy and round, but unfortunately, it does not support the flip feature like the Acer VR headsets. However, it does feature some splendid AKG headphones which illustrate immersive audio.

Do you know what’s so splendid about this gadget? 

It features the iconic AMOLED display technology, which boasts 1440x 1600 resolution. The dual AMOLED displays combined with the sharp resolution provide you wonderful experience and extraordinary image and sound quality. Its refresh rate is usually between 90 to 60hz.

Although the controllers don’t feel splendid like the Oculus Touch ones, they still have some potential. With the 6DOF and integrated inside-out tracking technology, your movements in the virtual world seem true to life!

For playing iracing, this gadget can be a good gaming companion for you. With its impressive 360 unique audios and splendid high resolution, your iracing experience would undoubtedly be worth remembering!

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  • Exceptional resolution
  • Admirable 3D audios
  • Easy to use controllers
  • Decent & adjustable lenses
  • Lacks flip visor
  • Features some non-replaceable parts

Final Verdict:

The SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey is so far the perfect VR for iracing. Its high resolution and exceptional controllers make it a decent deal. It’s more pricey than its competitors, but its top-notch specs make it worth the extra dollar!

5.) Valve Index VR

Valve Index VRValve enterprise has a pretty beefy VR history, with the Valve Index VR labeled as the best launch so far! This premium quality VR headset has quite exciting features! Let’s explore!

Key Features:

The Valve Index comes in a captivating black-grey shade having around 800g weight. The weight is perfectly balanced, supporting longer gaming sessions. For improved comfort, even the headband straps are padded.

Moving to its resolution, it’s around 1440x 1600, with an iconic 120Hz refresh rate, keeping the VR motion sickness at bay. The Resolution is superior to the oculus rift S. For tempting audios; it features earphones that deliver great sounds.

Now, let explore its controllers!

The valve index delivers the epic knuckle controllers, which are more proficient than the oculus touch controllers. The knuckle controllers allow free movement of all your digit fingers, unlike the Oculus touch ones. They feature a joystick, a trackpad, a pair of buttons mad a rear button.

For iracing, you can try this VR headset. With this, you get to experience great audio and visuals, enjoying your virtual car races! Hence, it’s the ideal Vr headset for games!Buy from Amazon

  • Superb resolution
  • Excellent room-scale tracking
  • Astonishing knuckle controllers
  • Require base stations
  • Tricky setup
  • Very expensive

Final Verdict:

The Valve Index VR is an excellent choice for virtual explorers featuring funky functioning controllers, great small-scale tracking technology, and superior performance. However, it’s incredibly costly. Its specs certainly do not live up to its cost!

6.) HP Reverb Professional Edition

HP Reverb Professional EditionHere comes HP’s palatable VR headset, the HP Reverb Pro edition. Promoting a decent middle ground sound quality, these fellas illustrate a robust performance.

Key Features:

The HP Reverb Pro edition is an elegant, professional-looking, black-colored headset illustrating 7-inch length, approximately 2.2-inch width, and 3.3-inch height. This black gadget weighs about 1.1 pounds. 

Its straps are adjustable with comfy padding. The design illustrates superior cushioning to eliminate discomfort. You get to enjoy long iracing sessions with these fellas without getting tired!

This pro gadget’s screen resolution of 2160x 21060 is superior to both the oculus rift and Htc Vive Vr headset. The crisp clarity levels up the immersiveness, boasting a more natural and hypnotic experience, especially when playing iracing!

Its setup is easy breezy since it demonstrates the inside-out tracking technology. This gadget features a 114 field of view. The whopping resolution and 360-degree spatial audios let you thoroughly enjoy the Virtual reality world.

It’s wired and has an HDMI port to form a connection with a personal computer. It’s an affordable tech boasting supreme functionality. Its refresh rate is also promising to keep virtual nausea away!

Considering its good specs, iracing lovers have crowned this device as the ideal VR headset for iracing.

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  • Humanized design
  • Sharp resolution
  • Bad controller battery covers

Final Verdict:

The HP Reverb Professional Edition is a beautiful VR headset promoting excellent resolution, outstanding clarity, iconic architecture, and smooth functionality. Its inexpensive cost makes it a good gaming partner for you!

7.) HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

As an upgraded version of the standard HTC Vive Cosmos, the Elite version upscales your virtual experience with its superb performance. It’s a perfect mix of comfort and convenience, providing versatile yet powerful features!

Key Features:

It is a lovely upgradedVR headset

sporting 2880×1700 and higher resolution overall. It’s pretty impressive compared to the 21600x 1200 resolution boasted by the original Vive of HTC.

Its various other features add to your comfort. Thes comfy features include a strong, firm, and soft headband with an adjustable wheel to alter its size. The headband is compatible with a variety of head sizes.

For smooth switching from the virtual reality back to the real world, the HTC Vive cosmos Elite features a flip-up visor. Hence, you won’t need to take off the whole unit to come back to reality!


Wanna know about its audio?

To keep the messy headphones wire away from you, the HTC Cosmos Elide features an integrated headphone, eliminating the need to attach an additional headphone for your stellar audios!

Quick question: What’s the central issue we face while VR gaming?

Your room ambiance hinders the camera’s tracking monitor function, leading to inaccurate hand movement tracking. However, the Cosmos elite monitor perfectly counters this with the tracking monitor faceplate, which the HTC Vive base stations support.

This technology is indeed promising, but its setup is quite troublesome. You need to install the base stations on the opposite corners of the room at a moderate height! The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite skips the standard LED controllers and illustrates exquisite Vive controllers equipped with wireless technology.

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  • Good controllers
  • Ergonomic architecture
  • Great tracking
  • Time-consuming set up

Final Verdict:

The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite is a premium, affordable price VR headset featuring classic sharp resolution and epic audio clarity, making it the perfect VR headset for racing games!

8.) Pimax 5K XR VR Headset

Pimax 5K XR VR Headset

If you don’t want your enemies to sneak up on you, then Pimax 5K XR VR Headset can be of great assistance to you. This unique design VR gadget not only broadens your field of view but with its good responsiveness and tracking technology, you get to ace your game!

Key Features:

The Pimax 5K XR VR Headset

illustrates a piquing black-toned body with green accents adding an enchanting feel to the unit.

This gadget boasts two customized OLED panels for getting enough thrill out of your car racing games, each one of them sporting 5120x 1440 resolution. With its supreme quality, wave sayonara to the troublesome screen door effect.

Are you wondering about its view?  Surprisingly, the screen of the Pimax 5K XR features an astonishing 200 FOV close to the human eye vision. This super-wide Field of view screen will enable you to track and neutralize your enemy’s sneak attacks. This screen with unparalleled vision is undoubtedly amusing.

This versatile gadget can support various games, movies, and dramas. With this headset, your entertainment takes a boost.

Pimax 5K XR VR Headset is promoting a fully padded design to protect the face and nose from getting pressured while gaming. This comfortable padding ensures long hours of gaming without any discomfort. The headset is equally friendly with prescription glasses. There is enough room in the headset to accommodate these pairs of specs.

Buy from Amazon

  • Exclusive visual clarity
  • Good peripheral vision
  • Lightweight architecture
  • Fragile construction
  • It doesn’t feature headphones
  • Very expensive

Final Verdict:

The Pimax 5K XR VR Headset is the excellent VR headset for iracing, demonstrating smear and tear-free gaming with no virtual motion sickness. The gadget is designed for virtual reality veterans since, for novices, it’s challenging to get familiar with! Overall, this green accent beauty is undoubtedly a good gaming buddy!

Ultimate Guide To VR Headset:

Since 2012, VR technology has skyrocketed in the tech market. Although it’s pretty popular among tech nerds, few are unfamiliar with it, making it impossible for them to see other headset and select the best one!

Fellas, Get ready to boost up your VR knowledge!

3 Easy Steps To Choose The Best VR headset

Step 1: Select A Type:

VR headsets  have three types:

  • Tethered
  • Untethered
  • Mobile

The Tethered VR headsets feature a cable connection and get powered by PCs. The cable connects to the gaming rig, which conveys the VR message to the Headset, then transfers it to the users. These headsets are considered the most powerful ones.

Untethered Vr headsets are standalone headsets having no cable connection. They require a Wifi connection for signal transmission. Although they promote excellent mobility, they don’t have robust power like the tethered ones.

Mobile VR headsets use the mobile as their VR machine. However, there is a limit to how much content it can support!

Step 2: Select Design:

After choosing your headset type, you have to select a design for your buddy!

Now, this is where the problem arises. We are all so concerned regarding the gadget’s additional features and functionality that we continuously ignore our comfort level!

The game headset should sport soft, adjustable halo straps, with the whole unit having a protective foam or rubber sheet to add softness to it!

These features would allow for more extensive gaming, keeping most users the discomfort away!

Step 3: Check Out The Displays:

The display of monitors is the most crucial and essential feature. Plenty of VR headsets only come with single screen or two monitors, either an LCD or an LED. For pure ripe and clear display, you should go for LCD ones. The resolution should be HD.

There are even Headsets featuring AMOLED displays. You can even pick them!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What Is The Best VR Headset For Iracing?

Oculus Quest 2 is the best VR headset for iRacing, illustrating a captivating design and fascinating tracking technology. Its ferocious processing speed and dramatic racing audios make it a good racing headset for sim racing experience.

Does VR Make You Faster At Iracing?

Yeah! VR does make you quicker. However, for evaluating yourself, you need to have both VR and non-VR playing experience. Only then can you tell whether you have become fast at iracing or not!

How Do You Use A VR Headset With Iracing?

Using a VR headset with iRacing is very simple. All you have to do is go to and then select the settings. Click the launch button to operate the graphic configurations.

Are VR Headsets Bad For Your Eyes?

Yes, VR headsets cause digital eye strain, severe headaches, and dizziness. You can even get injured by bumping into physical objects while you are immersing in gaming.

How Do You Adjust VR In Iracing?

VR iracing gets adjusted by going into the VR settings. You will find diverse options to tweak in VR settings like display, texture, audio, etc. You can change these features as per your demand!


iRacing is a fascinating car game, and playing it with a VR headset would undoubtedly take your game to a new whole level. The market might confuse and shake your resolve by its diverse models, but if you follow the three main steps above detailed guide, your purchase would be fruitful! All the best for finding the best VR Headsets for iRacing!

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