Does Oculus Quest Work With Steam? The Ultimate Guide

Get the answer to the question “does oculus quest work with steam?” with this comprehensive guide. Find out how to connect your Oculus Quest to Steam and experience the best in VR gaming.

Virtual Reality, is the name we have all heard and has been buzzing in our ears for months, probably years going on that the gaming community has burned the imagination of Virtual Reality in our minds. And we can’t blame you; we want to indulge in the recreation that virtual Reality has offered us during the past few years.

With the talk of virtual Reality, a bell rings in our minds of Oculus, a common name in the community, not only in gaming but also in the tech market in general. Established in July 2012, way before anyone was even familiar with VR and its opportunities to bring to the gaming world, Oculus was the first in the game, can easily play steam vr games with their innovations standing the first in line.

Does Oculus Quest Work With Steam?

And with the way that everything has been going on, with the love that everyone shares for gaming.  It was not long before someone decided to merge the two  PC gaming and VR altogether, as it offered the best of both worlds and a better investment in the long run.

So let’s jump right in to answer your question of does Oculus quest work with Steam, and to receive your answer, please keep reading on!

Oculus Quest- A Short Intro:

Oculus Quest- A Short Intro
Oculus Quest- A Short Intro

To get familiar with what the Quest even is, let’s take a short peek into what Oculus is. In simple defining terms, Oculus was the company that released the first line of VR headsets and took the world by storm. They released the first Rift in 2016 but had been developing behind the scenes for four years before that.

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The release of Oculus Quest in May of 2019, improved upon some of the previous critiques it had received from gaming experts and professionals and promised to deliver on their promises. They did, and three years later, they released the Quest as delivery to their oath and took the gaming community by storm.

Facts About Oculus Quest:

Before moving on to does Oculus quest work with Steam? Let’s dive into what the oculus quest can do and some fun facts about it.

You can play music and steam games using the Oculus Quest VR headset. Yes, this is an actual possibility, as the headset is a virtual platform for anything easy and fun; you can download the YouTube or Spotify app, connect it to your VR headset, watch music videos, and jam out like never before.

Are you obsessed with sports? Do you wish you could watch live events from the bleachers? Well, worry no more, as with the use of Oculus Quest, you are easily able to do so, as you sit right in between other people and can watch your favorite sportspeople play their favorite games.

VRchat is a social platform that allows you to connect with other Oculus or VR users, and you can chat with them, socialize, make new everlasting friends, and expand your social circle to the max.

Requirements To Connect Quest With Steam:

Requirements To Connect Quest With Steam
Requirements To Connect Quest With Steam

With a lot of information in your mind regarding the possibilities that the Oculus Quest can offer you, let’s look into connectivity with Steam. Yes, it is possible to connect the Quest with Steam; all it takes is to check off some basic requirements for your PC and some specifications that you need to meet.

First, it must be compatible with VR. Not every PC can support the GPU required for VR games. PC VR (or what Steam Virtual Reality games are known as) Basically produces two versions of the game to play. This requires a really fancy computer. Usually if you didn’t buy a gaming computer then you don’t meet the requirements. It is OK to exclude the computer from the start.

Adequate Video Card: THe first and most important thing to note is that your PC should have the minimum graphics card needed to run any VR platform games. The minimum requirement is Nvidia GeForce RTX 20XX, which is just enough and budget-friendly to set up on a pc.

Minimum Memory:  Since VR games are typically heavy on the CPU, it can take a lot of storage to download just one game. So the minimum requirement for you to run a VR game is 8GB or more, better if you have a 64 GB storage system, as downloading just a few games will fill that up pretty fast.

USB Port: your pc should always have a USB port to need to charge your phone utmost, but to run VR games, you also need a connection through which you can connect your headset to your PC, and for that, you will need a USB 3 Port available on your PC.

Strong Processor: To run the highly advanced VR games and to have an all-rounded immersive experience, it needs to be at least an Intel i5-4590 processor that can take a beating when it comes to high graphics games that require you to move around a lot and can otherwise heat your computer a lot and can be dangerous for it.

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How To Connect:

In the final segment, let’s wrap up how to connect your Quest to your Pc for it to run steam VR games.

The first feature you will need is a long USB c cable 3.0 that is more than 12 feet long, just so that when you’re gaming, it does not feel like you’re restricted. After that comes the desktop software download. Download the software needed to run and connect your VR headset with the PC in the first place.

After that, launch the app on your phone, Quest, and simultaneously, download Steam onto your pc if you haven’t; once that gets done, download Steam VR from the Steam library. Steam VR is what will assist you in running the virtual reality content. Afte r that, taking the two ends of the USB cable, connect the cable into the USB 3.0 port in your PC.

Once it is connected, the app will pop up, and it will ask if it can access your private data; you may want to deny the access for your privacy and security. There is always the option that you can enable data. Still, technology is such a dangerous thing, so why take the opportunity to expose yourself to any dangers, and why not protect yourself instead.

The last step is to enable oculus Link, and you are good to go. You have successfully connected both platforms and can now play any VR games or view any VR content you intend to.

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How To Play PC VR Content On Oculus Quest & Quest 2

Is VR compatible with Oculus Quest 2? Tell me the right way to do that? The book first appeared October 2020 with updated and republished material several years after it appeared last year. Meta Quest 2 (formerly called Oculus Quest 2) are incredibly versatile standalone devices from Meta, previously Facebook. In the Oculus Store, the native content is plentiful with a number of unique features, but a crucial feature in Quest 2 can be accessed via a mobile device connected to a VR-ready PC — wired connection or wireless for playing pc vr games and other needs.

With Virtual Desktop (wireless)

Virtual Desktop is our preferred approach to play PC games on your Oculus quest2 for many reasons – it is an extremely versatile tool to provide customizations to your device. It can be downloaded from any device with an application costing $20. Alternately, Oculus Airlink provides this service for free.

If an Oculus Quest VR headset is connected to a wireless network the virtual desktop provides even superior visuals at less latency. Virtual Desktop now supports transferring video directly to Oculus Quest without requiring additional patch.

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Adjusting Oculus Air Link settings and returning to Quest Home

Once you finish your PC gaming VR games, you should be able to go back to quest headset
. You can set a bitrate on an oculus air link wireless connection. Slower wireless networks should have the dynamic bit rate on the lower edge, because too much bit rate could cause stuttering and other visual problems and make you sick. Faster wireless connections increase the slider for a better viewing experience. When you have an Internet connection you could use fixed bit rates as well as cable mode. If your quitter is ready just press this button on this menu. Take advantage of wireless SteamVRs with the OCCUUS Quest2!

Playing Steam Games with the Oculus Quest 2

Oculus is now part of meta, which should be called the Meta Quest 2. Quest 2 is compatible with any laptop and can be connected via cable to any PC via the Internet. This desktop application requires installation by default and can be purchased online for free on Quest 2. It’s best to also have it steam ready. This one should be required for playing wireless games.

Oculus Link Setup

Before you can use Oculus Link there are steps you should take to install Oculus Link. Check your Quest wired connection with a USB device. From here open Oculus app and click ‘Add Headset’. It will guide users through an easy initial setup step. Once you setup Oculus Link you can access it whenever you connect to PC — the VR prompt asks whether you need to enable the link. From that point you could launch Oculus games or use the SteamVR app for your PC. I’ll be here.

Setup Airlink to Play Steam Game on Quest 2

Setup Airlink to Play Steam Game on Quest 2
Setup Airlink to Play Steam Game on Quest 2

It is possible to wirelessly connect Meta Quest2 to a laptop via free Meta Airlink software. You must have good WiFi connectivity to get your wireless PC VR to function effectively. Lets go. On your PC: On the headset you can now place the headphone into the headphone socket. Use this method to bring steam into the Quest Link menu. Your laptop must connect to your router with an ethernet cable if you are looking for a high speed internet connection. It involves connecting an Internet cable to a PC. If you can connect the computer with the router via Wi-Fi, then you can also use the Quest 2 via wireless to the computer.


Does the Oculus Quest 2 work with Steam?

Yes, the Oculus Quest 2 can work with steam games. To connect the Oculus Quest 2 to Steam, you either need to use a cable to connect to your computer or connect them wirelessly over WiFi. You will also need to install the Oculus/Meta PC software and go through the setup process in that software.

How do I connect my Oculus quest to Steam?

Please note that while you can play any Steam game on the Oculus Quest 2 provided your computer can run the game, there are no Oculus Quest 2 titles on Steam. The Quest is its own stand-alone, self-contained headset and you’ll only find those games on the Oculus Store, as they are exclusive to the Quest and the Oculus platform.

How to Set Up Meta Air Link How to Play Steam Games on Meta Quest 2?

Unfortunately, users won’t be able to play Steam games directly through the headset. They’ll still need a gaming PC in some form. However, as long as they have a PC capable of running VR games, they’ll still be able to play those games on their Meta Quest 2 headset.


Regarding the question of whether Oculus Quest works with Steam, I have done research and found that the Oculus Quest can be used with SteamVR, allowing you to play PC-based virtual reality games. However, you will need to use the Oculus Link cable or a similar solution to connect the Quest to your PC.

With how fast-paced both of these platforms are, they are gaining popularity and new updates daily. Therefore it is essential to know the steps to take to run the content you desire to.

So does oculus quest work with Steam? In our opinion, it does. So have fun with the content!

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