8 Best VR Headset For Beat Saber

Best VR Headset For Beat SaberIsn’t it difficult for you to choose the best VR headset for beat Saber, as all you are getting is expensive enough? Or it is difficult to choose among so many options that are claiming to be better than each other in all aspects. Right? Nowadays, there have been many ways to go for grabbing the right one according to your need and desire.

Back in 2016, when the original Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were launched, virtual reality came into the ground. It is now the time of technology that seems to have smiled upon us by providing us with the best options for immersing ourselves in the world of joy and excitement. You are definitely at the right place, here we’ve compiled some of the best products to let you immerse in the world of virtual reality and make the right decision.

My Top Pick…

So, are you searching for top-of-the-line detail to reach a righteous decision and choose the much better option? If yes, you don’t have to get tangled in so many ways and options in front of you and breaking your bank for something not worth it. If you are unable to read the whole of the article, don’t worry, we’ve mentioned here our top priority for you to make an instant decision. Oculus Quest 2 has always been our top choice when it comes to the world of virtual reality.

Best VR Headset For Beat Saber

1Oculus Quest 2● Fast processor Check Price
2Oculus Rift S PC-Powered● Sharper display Check Price
3Oculus Go Standalone● Efficient remote Check Price
4HTC VIVE Pro● Ideal for longer operations Check Price
5PlayStation VR● Good quality earbuds Check Price
6Sony PlayStation VR● Wireless controllers Check Price
7SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey● Anti-SDE technology Check Price
8Valve Index VR Full Kit● Improved resolution Check Price

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2It is observed that Oculus Quest 2 is the most affordable option and is the choice of many of the VR headset’s users. Oculus Quest 2 is constructed with a simpler design with a smaller size and lightweight. The credit of attraction in its design goes to the smooth plastic used, a feature that catches the eyes of many.

The model’s right side consists of the power button and LED light; the left side seems to have ports and jacks. Its three-point elastic straps located on the arms allow up and down movement. Also, you can use this device with more comfort as it has a cozy resting spot through which you can rest your thumb comfortably.

The only problem we analyzed in this device is that you are out of luck if you want privacy. Because you need a Facebook account for running the device, you either must log in or drop the idea to play. As this device supports Wi-Fi 6 so it can provide you with faster downloads alongside persistent connection.

Whether you have a weak Wi-Fi connection, the device can easily support fast downloads and a consistent experience. Efficient wireless streaming is also considered one of its dominating features, which most people are attracted to. Are you frustrated that your old VR’s battery door falls off easily? If yes, then you must go for Oculus Quest 2 to overcome the problem.Buy from Amazon

  • Worth the money
  • Sharper screen
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Fast processor
  • A Facebook account is required for using the device.

Final Verdict:

This is our 1rst priority whenever it comes to virtual reality; this well-constructed option is the best thing to grab for beat Saber. All over the virtual reality world, this device is now leading in every aspect.

2.) Oculus Rift S PC-Powered

Oculus Rift S PC-PoweredFacebook now owns this PC-based virtual reality experience to connect you with your friends. The company launched the original version in 2012. Afterward, an updated version was introduced and took popularity among people. To this day, you can say this is also topping the list of best VR headsets for beat saber in 2022.

The device mentioned above is way cheaper than its competitors, including HTC Vive, forthcoming valve index, and Vive pro. Want room-scale experience? Not a big deal; with this updated version delivering a room-scale experience is enough to satisfy your desire. We observed the only negative point was the hidden speakers that were not as good as the original Rifts were.

Based on our research, its goggles-like lenses provide you with a stereoscopic 3D vision of the globe you are immersed in. Coming towards the weight, it is a bit heavier as compared to the original Rift. You are most attracted to the products that are packed nicely and evenly. Right?

The same goes with this Oculus Rift S, an update to the original one; when we unboxed it, wrapped the headset carefully alongside accessories. Those include batteries, 2 of the controllers alongside a display port, to a mini display port adapter. Also, it was arranged with some of the manuals and instructions to guide you to use the device without any hesitation.Buy from Amazon

  • The sharper display than the original one
  • Comfortable design
  • Better visuals
  • No HDMI

Final Verdict:

Technology seems to have smiled upon us by lending us this well-designed and comfortable VR headset to encounter the joy. The sharp display and comfortable design took over all the features in this price range.

3.) Oculus Go Standalone

Oculus Go StandaloneThis beautifully designed 64 GB VR headset could be a perfect choice to go for when it comes to beat Saber. This VR headset is the one that was the most awaited headset as it is an extremely powerful and convenient one. There is no need to have a powerful computer or give your phone to use this VR headset. It is one of the most affordable VR headsets in this price range, so it’s quite an investment.

The most eye-catching and striking feature of it we observed is its large library of VR apps that attract virtual reality lovers. The 5.5-inch screen of this headset will let you enjoy a fuller experience and let yourself immerse in the world of virtual reality.

Sometimes all you need is some good stuff to enjoy your quality time without breaking your bank. This virtual reality headset doesn’t even need a phone, a computer, or another gaming system. A good resolution of 1440 by 1280 with a 72 Hz refresh rate will enhance your gaming experience and let you reach the next level.

Being an eager VR gaming enthusiast or when VR media viewing encounter is concerned, Oculus Go is always the right option. Everything has its pros and cons, so we’ve analyzed that this virtual reality headset has no kid-safe settings, which counts as an important factor. It is considered one of the most consumer-friendly paths to experience VR material at home.Buy from Amazon

  • Easy to use and handle.
  • Efficient remote with accurate motion tracking
  • Inexpensive
  • Battery timings could be better.

Final Verdict:

Roll your dice for this groundbreaker VR headset which is also affordable and with the least problems faced. This well-constructed headset can be an exceptional choice of yours for immersing in the world of VR without any aid…

4.) HTC VIVE Pro

HTC VIVE ProThis well-built VR headset comes with a completely different cable design that connects to your computer. The cable includes three connectors that combine the USB, display port, and power into its connector. It would not be wrong if we say this product is meant to be for those who can spend a bit over money and premium quality VR.

A VR headset with1.77 pounds of weight caries a resolution of 2880 x 1660 supported operating systems, including Windows 8 and 7. The high resolution is indicating sharper displays than ever, as well as super-rich colors.

The controller allows 360-degree rotation from flooring to the ceiling for a flawless experience. The VR headset seems amazing until it starts showing problems after a few months. Many of the VR users complaint about the issues they faced after few months of its use.

Also, as observed, many were dissatisfied with the service the company is providing. You would be given a cable as a replacement, but that not the solution to the problems faced. And when after the troubleshooting steps, the device is sent back for repairing purposes, you’ll never be able to see your VR in good condition.Buy from Amazon

  • Comfortable desktop VR headset
  • Perfect for longer gaming sessions
  • Improved sound
  • A bit over-priced

Final Verdict:

As it is the choice of 10 out of 8 people, we also suggest you roll your dice and go for it. Sometimes all you need is to spend your quality time immersing yourself in the world of VR, and for that, this device mentioned above would be a great option.

5.) PlayStation VR

PlayStation VRThis VR headset comes with a PlayStation VR headset, PlayStation VR move controllers, PlayStation Camera, Demo Disc 3.0 Disc alongside blood and truth disc, and voucher for everybody’s golf VR game. You can now step up your game like never before through this blessing to the world of virtual reality.

More than 80% of reviews about this VR headset seem to have favored the device due to its high quality and performance. Moreover, its users got very satisfied by unboxing this device as it contains many accessories and cords inside it alongside a booklet.

The booklet attached to it will surely help you ease your problems and describe the method and series of setting up everything. The camera came along; it could get attached to the PS4 and the stand, which is flexible and helps you fix it anywhere you desire.

Coming towards the experience of beat Saber, which is also one of the addictive. As observed, this game has the least learning curve among the many we’ve been testing. It is because there is no need to press any buttons when you want to play a song.Buy from Amazon

  • High-quality earbuds
  • Affordable
  • Simple and sleek design
  • No golf game included.


Now is the time to discover a completely new world of play by which your heart will race. A good quality soundtrack can let you live every moment of the thriller experience.

6.) Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VRThis is a unique designed headset with 6.85 pounds of weight that arrives in October back in 2016. An expansive 5.7 OLED 1080p display will let you keep yourself connected to the virtual reality world with seamless visions. Also, the sharper display would be running at more than 120 frames per second.

Being a gaming enthusiast, PlayStation has always taken the lead over many others because it carries you to a new globe of never expecting gaming experience. PlayStation VR will surely let you experience some of the highly predicted crowns of the year 2016. These include games such as Golem, RIGS Mechanized Combat League, and PlayStation VR worlds.

The high-quality audio technology is another advantage of this well-designed virtual reality headset. With this high performance of the audio technology, you will spot surrounding sounds above, below, or all around you.

By letting yourself immerse in this gaming world with the best VR headset, you’ll enjoy the moments and let your intuitions take the lead. The resolution, which is 1080 by 1200, will provide you with a clearer display and let you feel the magic.Buy from Amazon

  • Four wireless controllers
  • Easy to use and handle.
  • 3D audio technology
  • HDMI and USB cable
  • The camera is not included

Final Verdict:

You can have the feel of being there by the sharper display of this above-mentioned virtual reality headset. It is a better option for someone keen to look for a gaming VR with the most comfortable design.

7.) SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey

SAMSUNG HMD OdysseyThis product seems a bit underrated as compared to the features it provides. First, we observed that this VR headset doesn’t demand any external sensors based on authentic trials. Inside-out tracking is observed in the device to maintain your positioning.

Elimination of the screen-door effect by adjusting the spaces between pixels almost impossible to see will allow you to experience a clearer visual. Moreover, in comparison among many, this headset possesses a high resolution until HP’s arrived in 2020. A product with 110 degrees of field of view carries a resolution of 2880 x 1600.

The front of the headset contains adjustable sliders, due to which you can fix the distance between lenses accordingly. This distance had a range of 60-72m which is better than Oculus Quest 2 (61-66). Moreover, a perfect screen display size of 3.5 inches alongside 1.76 pounds of weight makes it more attractive to buyers.

This VR headset is more in demand due to its high resolution and not requiring 2-3 USB ports. But many of its users were not satisfied with the packaging as it comes up in a thin white box that is not safe. Moreover, you cannot use it while wearing your glasses as you’ll never find a comfortable spot, giving you an irritating experience.Buy from Amazon

  • Wider eye box
  • Anti-SDE technology
  • Comfortable design
  • Lighter than its predecessor
  • Bad fit and controllers

Final Verdict:

Are you also in search of a high-performance VR to enjoy your favorite game with a high comfort level? If yes, this device mentioned above with affordable rates would be the right option.

8.) Valve Index VR Full Kit

Valve Index VR Full KitThis VR headset is a bit over-priced, but you must lose something to get something in return. So, each penny you’ll pay for it will be worth investing in due to its incredible features. This premium VR headset is almost half a price higher than the recently released Oculus Rift S.

But if you are not running out of budget, this is a must-go product with its excellent screen and wider display. As observed, it is the easiest to handle the VR headset system as everything automatically connects on the first go.

Plugging into the PC was also an easier step with the high-end technology that works flawlessly within few seconds. A single cable came along was end up splitting into USB, display port, and AC power. Comfort is something which you always considered while buying gadgets.

The same goes for the Valve Index VR kit; users would consider having comfort as they’ve paid a lot for that. As far as comfort is concerned, all the marks go to this VR as it is a big step up from the original Vive.Buy from Amazon

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Improved resolution
  • Adjustable lens distance
  • Sharper display
  • Controllers have clicking issues

Final Verdict:

We would recommend this VR headset system if you were not running out of budget. On the features offered, spending a fortune is surely worth spending due to the incredible technology.

Expert Opinion:

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Buying Guide:

All the worth buying products are mentioned above alongside their worth-considering features with pros and cons. So, now is the time for you to step forward and roll your dice to choose the right option according to your needs. You should consider all the mentioned features to make a good choice without spending a fortune.

This buying guide will help you reach the right point as the right decisions require complete analysis. Especially if you are new to the world of virtual reality, you must go through all the worth-considering features mentioned in this buying guide for you to make a quick decision. Afterward, we’ve answered some worthwhile frequently asked questions to make your confusion clear.


It is a fundamental thing to look for while buying a VR headset related to the viewing experience. The number of pixels is denoted as resolution per eye by which a VR headset displays an image. Pixel width into pixel height is how the resolution of any VR is recognized. If the resolution is low, then the viewer will face pixelation or also the screen door effect.

Field Of View:

As far as quality is concerned, Field of view is also an important factor to keep in mind. A wider field of view will provide you with a more impressive viewing experience. This will let the user feel the natural viewing experience and immerse in joy as much as one can. A good range of field of view is between 100 degrees to 110 degrees.


Many of the VR headsets share the same functions, but where they differ from each other. The quality of the final image is associated with this feature and ultimately shifts to the VR experience of the user. The major type of display includes LCD, AMOLED, and OLED.

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Refresh Rate:

This feature is also one of the basic factors and concludes the VR experience of the user. It explains how fast any VR headset shows up the image in frames per second. A faster refresh rate will provide the user with a more fluid experience. A slower refresh rate will give a rough impression instead of a smooth-flowing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What VR Headsets Work With A Beat Saber?

When it is concerned with beat Saber, that is strictly a VR game, and for that, you need a high-quality VR headset to immerse yourself in for a better encounter. Oculus Quest 2 is leading the game and is the best wireless VR headset. Also, HTC Vive Pro is a good option for a full-body tracking VR headset.

Do You Need A Vr Headset For The Beat Saber?

Suppose you are looking forward to having a VR exclusive experience that you can encounter by beat Saber. This device is a virtual reality rhythm game, and there isn’t any way you can play beat Saber without a full 6dof VR system. You not only require a good performance VR headset but alongside you need motion controllers too.

Is Oculus Quest 2 Worth It To Beat Saber?

As we all know, in this modern world of technology, technology seems to have smiled upon us by blessing us with a VR headset like Oculus Quest 2. This VR headset has always proved to be the best, and we would also recommend you go forward to beat Saber with this VR headset.

Can You Play Beat Saber On Any VR?

This 98% liked video game strictly concerned with VR headset is a must-go option for enthusiasts of the virtual reality world. The most compatible options for running beat Saber at a good pace are Valve Index, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest 2, and HTC Vive.

How Do I Choose A VR?

You need to consider many features when buying a VR headset, but there are some worth-considering ones. For the best possible experience, you need to look for the VR design, the controllers, resolution, and refresh rate.


After going through all the features, it’s time to buy the best VR headset for the beat saber. And for you to make the right decision, we’ve compiled all the worth investing products so that you can immerse yourself in the world of joy. Make sure to analyze all the pros and cons before taking a step forward and invest in your favorite product.

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