Does Oculus Work With Ps4? A Rivalry?

A buzzing question yet to be answered, does oculus work with PS4? No article has yet decided to take a dip into the dangerous territory of this. 

Does oculus work with ps4?

PS4 and Oculus, two utterly separate gaming platforms, yet united by the main aim, boast that one is better at pleasing their fans than the other. From one perspective, we continue to find out about the most significant new releases of Oculus, and on the other, we wonder how to get the latest games for PS4

And in between this feud between the two, there lives a small window gap, a similarity, that stands united. The similarity is that both platforms run VR, virtual reality, a new hype that the main idea was old but only yet started to gain popularity. And once it reached the masses, it went through the roof, as sales skyrocketed and both systems became gateways to gaming. 

So, in between all that, how do you figure out what the best investment is? What console is better? Should you buy the PS4 to play the PSVR? Or should you stick with the trusty Oculus platform and buy their headsets? 

Wonder no more, as this article will discuss just that, as we will discuss further the burning question yet to be answered by anyone, “does oculus work with ps4?” so put your seatbelts on, grab a snack and continue down the road of this article. 

Oculus- A Major Heartthrob For Gamers


Facebook, the central social media platform that we all have come to know and love, and the one social media that everyone honestly does know how to use, from the youngest of children aged 5 to the oldest of grandparents, everyone enjoys and loves Facebook. But they decided to take a dip into virtual reality in 2012 when people knew little about it. 

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Oculus eventually released virtual reality headsets, which translated your real-life movement into the virtual game simulations to make you feel like you were already in the game. Oculus, as a company, had the primary aim to connect the two worlds and to take the technology even further and make it feel like you immerse yourself in the worlds. 

So founded in July of 2012, it became no mystery that they worked behind the scenes on improving their headsets one by one, and slowly but surely, they kept releasing them, with each being better than the last one. And ever since then, people have continued to wonder does oculus work with PS4, and we will answer that as we move along. 

Oculus- What They Have Released So Far

Now let’s continue by focusing on what kind of content Oculus has released so far; we all know that they have delved into virtual reality headsets and several gaming platforms, offering the gamer the best of both worlds and many options to choose from. 

Oculus Rift: The original virtual reality headset, the first VR headset released by Oculus, plunging into the universe of computer-generated reality, was indeed a crazy innovation; released on March 28th, 2016, it was certainly new for people and gamers alike. 

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Oculus Rift S: Second in the lineup, everyone was surprised when this got released as Oculus worked on a significant drop but instead released this. Nonetheless, it was an upgrade from the original Rift and promised many features like tracking, better displays, better movements, and better battery life. 

Oculus Quest: One of the major releases from the company Oculus owned by Facebook, it boasted killer features such as a fantastic display, increased RAM, better storage, better battery life, lighter weight, and more comfortable and was an instant hit amongst gamers. 

Oculus Quest 2: The newest virtual reality headset released so far. It is a stage up from the first Quest as virtual reality has been booming in the gaming market, so it has the most advanced features yet available. 

PSVR vs Oculus- The Difference 

As the two biggest market competitors, we have heard about the rivalry between the two. Does oculus work with PS4? Which one is better? And we are here to bust down the myths about consoles, platforms, and headsets ad give it straight as it is. 


Oculus has many VR headsets; taking the example of oculus quest 2, let’s focus on that for now. Oculus Quest 2 requires no further connections except a necessary Facebook account for your privacy and safety. The minute it is connected, it is working, and you can play any game on it. It is entirely wireless and untethered. 


PSVR, on the other hand, is not a separate headset on which you can independently game, but rather it is an attachment that comes with already owning a PS4 system; without it, it’s just as if you owned a bookmark but not a book. But it has its great features, a wide selection of apps, games, and movies that everyone can enjoy and love. 

Does It Connect?

As we reach the end of the article, let’s finally answer the burning questions. It is essential to take note that PS4 and Oculus are not VR headsets themselves. PS4 is a separate gaming console that supports PSVR, which is essentially its accessory, whereas Oculus has a line and range of different VR headsets available to play. 

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And as the gaming systems are separate consoles, it is common knowledge to know that they both have different sensors, different ways to pick up the tracking and the movements; they are on opposite ends of connectivity as they are both from other companies. 

While PSVR only works with the connections with PS4, the same cannot be expected from the oculus series, as the ports that connect the two would not have compatibility, and if tried, there is no way around it, maybe through a display port, but that is also highly unlikely.

Is the Oculus compatible with PS4?

Although it would seem possible, a wireless connection between an untethered machine and a PS4 is not possible. All of the Oculus headsets, from the Rift to the Oculus Quest 2, are made to function on Windows-like Android operating systems.

Who is Oculus competitor?

Varjo, DPVR, and Tripp are oculus VR’s main rivals. Varjo creates hardware and software for virtual reality. The XR-1, a mixed reality development tool for engineers, researchers, and designers, is one of the company’s two creations.


With the way PS4 and Oculus are leading the gaming markets, we expected that both would find a way to work with each other and have compatibility, but the answer is no. 

So, does oculus work with PS4? We, unfortunately, have to say that no, it does not; it just does not have the same connections and the same way to connect the two, so, therefore, renders any efforts to secure the two useless. 

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