Is VR Headset Bad For Eyes?

Is VR Headset Bad For Eyes?As the gaming industry has been coming up with innovative ideas to entertain gamers, they have been rapidly advancing technology. Now people have reached beyond the flat-screen into a whole new world that appears natural and realistic to viewers. They made that possible by launching virtual headsets into the market.

Over time, virtual reality headsets are becoming increasingly popular. People don’t only use them to play games, but they have extensive uses that benefit all sectors from medical to aeronautics. These VR headsets allow people to participate in simulation exams, view residences and take tours in other places.

Is VR Headset Bad For Eyes?

However, where they have several benefits, they also have some drawbacks. People ask: “is VR headset bad for eyes” actually, there has been an increase in reports on how people have experienced eye damage and severe headaches after using virtual reality headsets. Doctors and researchers claim that the reason behind these health hazards is this very device.

How Do VR Headsets Damage Your Eyes?

Is a VR headset bad for the eyes? Yes, they are, but there are ways how you can reduce their effects on your body and health. In this section, we will elaborately discuss the results and causes of VR headsets on our health.

Virtual reality headsets have two LCD monitors on each side of the glasses that display graphics. The light intensity is a bit high, and the monitors and your eyes are close. While we enjoy the illusionary experiences, we become a part of these intense ocular exercises and have no idea about the health hazards that come with them.

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After looking at the structure and design of these headsets, researchers speculate on the damage that these VR headsets can cause to our eyes. Research shows that continuous intense ocular exercise may cause permanent eye disorders and injury.

Hours after wearing these headsets, most people feel nauseous, experience heaviness and headaches, and eye strain. These side-effects may hinder them from carrying out daily tasks and chores, and they may lose focus and concentration. For instance, children may become less attentive in class, which may negatively impact their academic progress.

People also experience motion or cybersickness that causes people to mismatch body position and visual information. Children under the age of 18 shouldn’t use these devices to develop these harmful health hazards at an early stage of life.

How Can You Reduce Your Screen Time?

You might have wanted us to respond to your query positively: “is VR headset bad for eyes?” Unfortunately, we started this article by warning about the health problems they may cause to every age group. We don’t want to stop you from having fun, and we also want to ensure that you are safe. To make sure that you stay protected, we are going to include some tips in this section!

Nowadays, children love playing on these devices, and they can’t wait to enter the virtual and adventurous world. To make it safe for them, you should make sure that you sit with your children. Talk to them about the detrimental causes of VR headsets. Scare them a bit about how they can cause damage to their eyes so that they take this seriously.

After that, you can set a time limit and make a chart where you note down how long they enjoy screen time. Make sure that your children take a 20-minute break while they are using the headset. In the end, if they stop using the VR headset before the set time limit – give them a treat!

As a sensible adult, you have to make sure that you use it for 7 hours per week. Yes, that is one hour per day. That may sound a bit strict but remember this is for your health’s sake. After you stop using the VR headset, close your eyes and take a 20 to 25-minute break.

Extra Tips To Reduce Eye Damage:

Even though we have covered many details in the previous section, we still wanted to add some extra tips. Just to make sure that you are not constantly worried and overthinking: “is this VR headset bad for eyes.” Plus, you don’t have to stay concerned about the ones using it. Let’s move on to the tips, then shall we?

When you are using the headset, you should make sure that you are constantly blinking. This method will help reduce the number of light rays that may enter your eyes. Thus, it will reduce the damage done to them and will reduce eye strain.

Before wearing the headset, you can configure the game display settings and reduce the brightness. Make sure that the images or videos are not very sharp and too bright. Sudden exposure to bright light may cause you to experience discomfort in the eyes. Thus, this may eventually lead to sight loss or may weaken your eyesight. After you have used the headset, massage your temples and your eyes.

Other than that, make sure that you are getting your eyesight checked every week. If you feel that you are experiencing severe symptoms like migraines, consult your ophthalmologist immediately. They may ask you to purchase a set of glasses or medication. However, some may suggest that you use over-the-counter artificial tears to reduce discomfort in the eyes.


To answer any doubts or queries related to “is VR headset bad for eyes” we have written an informative article that you must read carefully. Along the way, we gave you some extra tips and suggested methods that you can implement to reduce eye discomfort.

We know that virtual reality headsets are fantastic, and you can’t stop using them! However, safety is a priority. If you don’t take care of yourself or negatively affect yourself, then that isn’t that important. At least it is not as important as your health. Take care of yourself and have a happy time in your virtual world!

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