14 Top Oculus Games

Here is a collection of the 14 top Oculus games right from easy to adventurous and super active intense games to let you select your favorite one.

Picking the top Oculus game is quite tough because the library of content on the meta quest platform is overcrowded with lots of products in it. Top Oculus games are getting popular day by day as they are using VR tech in their gaming and are offering lots of options for gamers who prefer playing games where they physically can control the game.

VR is the virtual reality technology that takes your gameplay to the next level by letting you control your bodies in the game by giving you artificial 3D visuals and other relevant sensory environmental gears. It lets the gamer interact with the gaming environment by controlling the game and playing it with the body’s senses.

This VR tech is fascinating to most gamers nowadays and is being used in VR games. So, whether you have already played the VR games in the best meta quest 2 games or are looking for the top Oculus games I show you here some of the best options you can look forward to. All these games are the games made with the use of the best possible technology and offer you exploration of virtual world reality by controlling the game with your body’s genuine movement while sitting in a comfy chair in your room.

So let’s start the game, gamers!

14 Top Oculus Games

Here is a collection of 14 top Oculus games right from easy games to adventurous and super active intense games. These give you a wide variety of options so you can select your favorite one. Take a look at these top Oculus games in 2023 offering you VR technology with numerous virtual reality experiences, making you feel like you have physically moved the game you’re playing.

Beat Saber (Slice To The Beat)

Beat Saber (Slice To The Beat)
Beat Saber (Slice To The Beat)
  • Genres: Rhythm
  • Developer: Beat Games
  • Engine: Unity
  • Game Mode: Multi-player, Single-player

Beat Saber is one of the most popular and top VR games that involves the slicing of blocks flying on a song with the use of dual lightsabers in your hands. You have to make sure that you are not slicing obstacles and have to make sure that you are overcoming them without touching them.

It is one of the best rhythm games that not only is exciting and adventurous to play but also very fascinating and attractive to watch. The game takes you toward your virtual imagination of you where you actually move your arms unconsciously of your imagination. To make it more real the manufacturers have added 360 degrees mode.

Some of the background songs are used in this 360 degrees mode where you will experience that the blocks that you have to slice are flying and coming toward you from all directions. The tracks involved in the game are enjoyable via your headphones. And these tracks are from Billie Eilish, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, and even BTS.

Little Cities

  • Genres: Simulation, Casual
  • Developer: Purple Yonder
  • Game Mode: Single User
  • Language: English, Japanese, French, Korean, German, Spanish

If you love management games this one is made specifically for you. Little cities is a city-building game in which you have to build a city on the ground. It comes with intuitive controls and is simple and attractive to play. You will have different accessories with you in the area where you are building a city. There are new islands that will be unlocked as you will unlock new levels.

There are different and unique mechanics, visuals, and designs in each of the levels making the game ultimately more attractive. What you have to do in the game is to make the best possible city with whatever location you get in the game. What you have to keep in mind is the happiness, comfort, and ease of citizens living in the city.

Half-Life: Alyx

  • Genres: First-person Shooter
  • Developer: Valve
  • Game Mode: Single-player

If you are looking for the one single and the most adventurous game in VR gaming then opt for Half-Life: Alyx. It gives you unparalleled and matchless excitement with the sound effects, visual graphics, and looks that are used in the game. VR technology has been used in the manufacturing of this game.

What you have to make sure of is that you have a gaming PC with you. You can play the game via steam VR with the usage of a special Oculus link cable. The game is fantastic and highly attractive. Besides the gravity gun you have to use the gravity gloves to catch and pull the things towards you and then let go. It not only is fun to do but also good for your brain as you will use your brain to solve puzzles with smart thinking.


  • Genres: Platform Game, Action-Adventure Game, Puzzle Video Game, Fighting Game
  • Developer: Polyarc
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest, Microsoft Windows
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

If you are a younger player and looking for a game to give you easy playing at the start, I will recommend you to go with Moss and its sequel Moss: Book 2. It is ideal for younger players mainly for those who love fantasies and games with a dreamy atmosphere. There you have to figure out and control the puzzles in a traditional way, sometimes making the game more serious and tough.

I Expect You to Die 2

  • Genres: Action Game, Puzzle Video Game, Adventure Game
  • Developer: Schell Game
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Oculus Quest, Microsoft Windows,
  • Engine: Unity

If you are looking for the best and top Oculus spy games then this would be your last search. “I Expect You To Die 2” is the best superspy fantasy game that puts you in the shoes of James Bond, an international super spy who is on a mission to destroy the criminal organization and groups irrelevant of what hurdles come his way.

The game makes you feel real with the usage of VR technology, making it one of the top choices for suspense lovers. In the game, you have to dodge villains, and you have to outsmart their moves. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that there are chances you will fail lots of times but in a more fun way, you have to make sure that you are avoiding such scenarios.

A great combination of adventure, puzzle, humor, and fun, gives you the experience of living the life of a spy who is in search of a most adventurous and fun mission.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip
Pistol Whip
  • Genres: Virtual reality, Rhythm game, First-person Shooter, Indie game
  • Developer: Cloudhead Games
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, Oculus Quest, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
  • Engine: Unity

Pistol Whip is almost similar to Beat Sabar which I have already discussed above but in Beat Sabar, you use the lightsabers whereas in Pistol Whip you have to use guns instead of the lightsabers. Pistol

Pistol Whip is slightly more advanced and more premium, unlike lightsabers where you have to dodge, bullets, run and have to take out the enemies, in addition to slashing to the music, if you want to earn extra and bonus points.

Moreover, Pistol Whip is said to be a great combination for adventurous players who love multitasking in the game. The game includes shooting, dodging, and rhythm, making it ultimately a great workout. For those who love to play busy games, Pistol Whip is the one made specifically for you.


  • Genres: Battle royale game, Virtual reality game
  • Developer: Inc, BigBox VR
  • Platforms: Oculus Quest, Microsoft Windows, Meta Quest 2
  • Engine: Unity

Population:One is an exclusive virtual reality battle royale game that is innovative and simple. You with your two more teammates will be dropped into an environment to look for supplies, accessories, and weapons to live. There you will have guns and various structures to build. You can use the guns and accessories in the games and can get a high-ground advantage while fighting as a team.

There you are also given a fly suit specifically when you are at some higher position so that you can fly and come into the battles simply by flying. The unique design of the game makes you feel like you are in the real environment and are actually surviving in the game. Moreover, the developer BigBox VR of this game is constantly and consistently providing upgrades and updates to make you feel fresh and new in the game.

Resident Evil 4 VR

  • Genres: Horror, Action
  • Developer: Amature Studio
  • Game Mode: Single User

Resident Evil 4 VR is one of the best survival Oculus games that gives you an in-depth virtual reality experience by putting you in the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy. If you are a fan of Resident Evil 4 VR from the very start you will love the original version more as compared to the new one.

Whereas newcomers will definitely be attracted to the graphics textures, animations, and designs used in this updated version. The advancements and update gradation make you forget that you are playing a game that is almost a decade old. The game additionally to being fun and adventurous is also comfortable to play and provides you with numerous options to set the tunings and set the game settings according to your need.

SuperHot VR

  • Genres: First-person shooter, Puzzle Video game, Indie game
  • Developer: SuperHot Team
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Oculus Quest, Nintendo Switch
  • Engine: Unity

SuperHot VR is a game perfect for those who want to experience amusement, fear, adventure, and fun. Within the game, the movement occurs only when you physically move to make you experience the true fun of the virtual reality world. It is not only highly energetic but also pretty amusing and funny when you see the environment around you.

The game is very engaging and can keep you active for hours ensuring you can have lots of fun and adventure throughout the time. Furthermore, you have to make sure that you are thinking and planning and playing the game in a smart way so you can avoid one shot death that definitely can end your game.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy's Edge
Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge
  • Genres: First-person shooter, Adventure game
  • Developer: ILMxLAB
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2,
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

If you love playing Star Wars already you would definitely love this Star Wars:Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge. The game takes you toward a space adventure on the planet Batuu. If you love fantasy and if you dream of adventuring on other planets this is the best game for you that takes you into the virtual reality of adventure and fun in space. After the attack of pirates, your escape takes you to crash land on Batuu island.

Here you have to fight with enemies and have to find hints, clues, and other proof to get your missing cargo back. Moreover, you also have the option of taking part in short adventures on behalf of other characters like Bounty Hunter Droid or Jedi Padawan. The game is better, more polished, and absolutely lovable to give you unexpected adventure and thrill.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

  • Genres: First-person Shooter, Indie game, Survival Horror, Adventure game
  • Developer: Skydance Interactive, LLC, Skydance Production, Skybond Entertainment
  • Platforms: Meta Quest 2, PICO 4, Oculus Quest, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

It is the best and the first AAA VR game with a single-player option. The combination of realistic environments, satisfying physics, and horror experiences, makes the game best for gamers who love suspense, horror, and thrill. Here, you have to scavenge and look for a safe way within an area crowded with zombies.

A little mistake can lead you toward tough consequences. There are lots of weapons that you can use in the game during your hunt. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the weapons are prone to break if they are extendedly used.

Walkabout Mini Golf

  • Genres: Sports Video games, Casual games, Simulation games, Indie games, Sports
  • Developer: Mighty Coconut
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows
  • Engine: Unity

If you love playing golf games, Walkabout Mini Golf is made for you to give you the experience of realistic mechanics to keep you busy for long hours. The game is the best way to enjoy sports playing in a less demanding way. Here you can play the game and can enjoy sports in a less demanding and more comfortable way than in real life.

Walkabout Mini Golf is a perfect gaming experience for professional golfers that allows you to play golf and practically perform putting in natural, easy, and simple ways. The visuals and designs in the game are carefully crafted to make you feel like you are playing real-life golf while staying in your bed.


  • Genres: Virtual reality game, Indie game, Puzzle Video game, Casual game
  • Developer: Firepunchd Games UG
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5
  • Engine: Unity

Tentacular is a game that is a great combination of physics and puzzles. In the game, you have to work by practically performing different jobs while living on La Kalma island. It is for those who are looking for fun, happiness, and excitement in the games. This is because the game is overloaded with happy incidents.

Tataculer is a virtual reality video game with a heartwarming story of solving puzzles with the usage of gigantic wobbly puzzles. The game puts you in the shoes of a gigantic kind-hearted beast who uses his tentacles to solve puzzles and sort out the world he is living in.


  • Genres: Education, Puzzle
  • Platforms: Quest, Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro
  • Developer: Thomas Van Bouwel. 
  • Game Mode: Single User

It is an absolutely fun, simple, and stunning visual reality puzzle game that involves different levels each with a tough solution from the previous one. The game comes with different levels and each features a frame that is shaped in a 3D dimension. Here you have to fit different block pieces in each level with more and more complex pieces and harder puzzles as the level passes by.

If you love playing quest games you would definitely love cubism as it gives you the real-life experience of solving puzzles while using your sharp and smart skills. One of the most interesting and incredibly attractive things about this Cubism game is that every level comes with more and more complex stages and involves tougher and harder solutions with each passing level.


What Oculus Quest 2 games are coming out in 2023?

There are many new games that are coming in 2023. The games are highly anticipated and more innovative than the games that came in 2022. They are comparatively better and more advanced in their visuals and sounds. You will get Resident Evil: Village VR, Stranger Things VR outing, and Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord games in 2023 and many others with advanced versions from previous years.

Is the Quest appropriate for kids?

With my personal analysis, I will not suggest Quest 2 for kids. But you have to make sure that they are playing Quest 2 under your supervision and are playing officially and not on a regular basis. You have to make sure that you’re watching them while they’re playing. But here is some good news for you. The developers are soon going to launch parental control in virtual reality technology. Moreover, keep in mind Quest itself for the time being does not allow account creation for those under 13.

What’s the best way to get a workout in VR?

Quest 2 is known to be the best device for experiencing workouts in VR. You can always get replacements like foam inserts or silicone face covers to stay ok with sweating and a headset. One of the best ways to get a workout in VR is Supernatural. It is a peloton-type workout in VR with subscription-based features. Here you can also track your heart rate using the Apple watch.c

What is the best Oculus Quest 2 game right now?

We cannot specifically say that a certain Oculus quest 2 game is the best overall. This is because it totally depends on your choice and your own preference for what you actually are looking for. For example, if you are looking for shooting games or something like a half-life game then Half-Life: Alyx is highly preferred and reliable. It is a great blend of adventure, fun, high-class graphics, and VR technology.

Is Quest 3 coming soon?

Yes, quest 3 is coming this year during the fall, with the price the same as Quest 2. Quest 3 is better in most of its aspects, specifically the inclusion of new advanced features like compact structure, better and improved color passthrough cameras, and better visual and audio graphics. Although Quest 2 is still in fame and high in demand, it seems like Quest 3 is something worth waiting for.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gone through the list of top Oculus games that take you toward the world of virtual reality making you feel like you are really in everything you are doing in the game. Virtual reality is not only fascinating but also lets you control the movements in the game with your body while simply sitting in front of a PC or a gaming console.

All of the games that are listed above are the ones that transport you to the virtual reality world by simply making you feel like you are playing in real life. There are different games mentioned above right from fun to action, adventure, and from puzzle solving to city building. Whatever interest you have you will definitely find the best possible game according to your interest that you can play and can experience real-life gaming, while sitting in your living room.

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