Why My VR Headset Is Blurry? How To Fix It?

Why My VR Headset Is Blurry?VR headsets come with a camera, play station, and console controller; all these systems work in a union and proper way to create a virtually real experience. For example, the camera detects every single movement of your head. When the camera is connected with a play station, it distributes the video on screen and a VR headset that makes it easy to get into the game without observing surroundings.

Why My VR Headset Is Blurry?

Common Reasons For Blurry In VR:

The virtual reality headset is a complicated but essential tool for playing. However, different problems are present in VR headsets; VR users’ main issue is why my VR headset is Blurry.

Some common reasons may result in blurry:

  • Long-term use makes VR lenses dirty. So, you cannot see a clear image through a dirty lens.
  • You have not adequately worn the headset.
  • Unintentionally you may fall your VR headset, this will break your lenses, and then the image will blur.
  • In a hurry, you may forget to remove protection from the lenses.
  • Resolution can be decreased, which will result in blur images.
  • There can be an eye box problem.

Ways To Treat Blurry Images:

Whenever you start playing a game, and there is blur image, this is always an inconvenience. To avoid this, you may follow some simple ways:

  1. Cleaning Of Lens

If your face is oily or you have sebum and put on the VR headset, this will produce a mark on lenses, and your screen will become blurry within a few seconds.

Method To Clean Lenses:

  • Don’t use ordinary damped cloth for cleaning.
  • Use a microfiber cloth for cleaning.
  • Do this two to three times is a day.

  1. Wear VR Headset Properly

VR headsets have been designed that can be suitable for every face type long, round and oval. But their wearing demands some care so that you can enjoy virtual reality and more fun.

Method To Wear Headset:

  • VR headset cup must be at the back of your head.
  • The lower side of VR should cover the cheekbone.
  • You must be comfortable with a headset with no fear of dropping the VR headset.
  • If you wear glasses, then you can adjust the screen level with the rotating wheels.

  1. Playstation Camera Adjustment

The camera position matters a lot; if your PlayStation is dark, then the image you get is blurry and unclear. On the other hand, you can adjust the image by placing your PlayStation in light if you see some fuzzy and blur pictures.

  1. Eye Distance Adjustment

There is a proper eye distance at which the image is clear. If any other person has played the game with your VR, you need to calibrate your VR headset again.

Ways To Adjust Eye Distance:

Following steps must be followed to adjust eye distance:

  • First, select the settings in your play station.
  • Select eye distance and set it as default.


In this article, we have answered your question that is why my VR headset is Blurry. However, you can easily overcome this problem by acting upon simple precautions and steps.

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