Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras – MBP50-G2 Review

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The new Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with two cameras – MBP50-G2 is a gift for all those mothers who find it difficult to handle their kids during the long tiresome house chores or stringent work routine. While there are a variety of baby monitors available in the market, the Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with two cameras – MBP50-G2 is more convenient and advanced than the majority of competitors. This article enumerates the reasons why you should consider buying the MBP50 G2 Motorola monitor. So let us get started with the features that you would find handy.

Why choose the Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with two cameras – MBP50-G2?

1.  Video Monitoring:

Motorola MBP50-G2 Split Screen Video Baby Monitor

Yes, video monitoring is a handy feature on its own. There were times when people used to have audio monitors installed in the baby’s room to hear what’s happening on the other side. Ever since the introduction of video monitoring, you can watch live footage of your baby sleeping or play in the room.

 2. The Screen:

Motorola has been well-known for the quality of electronic devices made by them. Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with two cameras – MBP50-G2 is not an exception as you will love the 5 inch LCD screen with brilliant results to see what is happening on the other end.

 3. Split Screen:

Split-screen is one of those features which you will find handy and convenient every time. You can monitor your baby using two different cameras at the same time. Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with two cameras – MBP50-G2 saves most of your time as you do not need to switch continuously between cameras.

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 4. Two-way Communication:

Now handling your kid is a piece of cake as you can talk to him from a fair distance using the ever so simple and value-adding two-way talk feature. The only thing that you need to do is to turn the said mode on and pamper your baby with your words and sing comforting songs and lullabies.

 5. Preset Lullabies for Your Baby:

Talking about lullabies, one of the basic features like any other quality baby monitor, you would find preset lullabies to automatically sing poems for your kids. You should stop worrying about the important meeting with your boss cause the lullabies are there to make your baby sleep without any interference.

 6. Connectivity:

Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with two cameras – MBP50-G2 indicates a loss of connection when your device gets out of range. Being honest, the range is never an issue whilst using the Motorola monitor because the radius is approximately 1000 feet in an open space.

 7. Remote Pan and Tilt:

Take the convenience and ease to the next level by remotely adjusting the cameras using the parent unit. You can scroll the camera left and right or move it up and down by swiping or typing the screen.

 8. Night Vision:

The infrared vision allows you to watch your baby during the dark hours. Though the screen turns black and white, accuracy and quality are never compromised. This feature makes Motorola 5” Video Baby Monitor with two baby cameras – MBP50-G2 a companion during the nighttime where you can simply keep an eye on your baby while lying in bed.

 9. Parent Support with Mobile App:

At last, the best thing is that Motorola has introduced its own app to handle the devices and monitor your baby any time or anywhere. The parent unit is sufficient enough to allow you to manage the camera, angles, and various modes.

 Things to be aware of before buying Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras – MBP50-G2

1. Battery Life:

The battery life of the Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with two cameras – MBP50 – G2 is below the standard duration. A 5 hours battery-lasting time is insufficient for long monitoring sessions. If you are planning to buy a product that will support extensive monitoring, then this is not the monitor for you.

2. Signal Strength:

The signal range might be great as Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with two cameras – MBP50-G2 enables you to monitor your baby over a distance of 1000 feet, but the main issue is the strength of signals. There is a considerable amount of lag and delay in the video recording and monitoring process.

3. The Price Level:

If your budget is limited or you need more features at a lower price, then this monitor is not suitable for you. The main reason is that the price is higher than 150 dollars, so think before opting to buy this product.

 About Motorola

Motorola has vast experience in preparing consumer-friendly goods for its customers for almost a century. The company has diverted its operations from mainly smartphone assembly to a versatile market of technological goods such as baby monitors and other products. Buying a baby monitor from Motorola increases the probability of the monitor being quality and fulfilling.

  • Dual camera support with split-screen to monitor simultaneously.
  • Remote tilt and pan to allow better management.
  • 1000 feet range is more than enough for efficient monitoring.
  • Two-way talk feature to communicate with your baby.
  • Lullabies for your young one.
  • Night recording is possible due to infrared vision.
  • There is no thermostat to track the variance in the temperature.
  • The battery life is 5 hours, which is below par for a baby monitor.
  • There is a distortion in the signals every now and then.


The final verdict is pretty easy. The price level might be a little higher than other monitors, but there are various handy features available like the remote pan and tilt with the split-screen. The other features are also market competitive too. The battery life and signal strength are two things that will bother you after some time, but all the other features outweigh these flaws.

For smaller monitoring sessions, invest your money in Motorola 5″ Video Baby Monitor with two cameras – MBP50-G2. It is a guarantee that you will not get disappointed after considering your use. Moreover, the support provided by Motorola is supportive and helpful to ultimately solve any quality-related issue.

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