MoonyBaby Baby Monitor Review

baby monitor Review” src=”×169.png” alt=”MoonyBaby Baby Monitor Review” width=”300″ height=”169″ />MoonyBaby baby monitor review is one of the most demanded reviews on our website. There were times when people used to pay people for babysitting and caretaking. Parents, especially single mothers, used to face stringent financial conditions whilst arranging a good and trustworthy maid. The world is changing day by day. Technology has made everything convenient for people. The classic caretaking and babysitting trends are changing, and people are preferring digital monitoring devices for handy and effective caretaking. This MoonyBaby baby monitor review will help you figure out if the Moonybaby monitor suits your needs or not.

Why choose the MoonyBaby baby monitor 55935 BV-2T?

MoonyBaby 55935 BV-2T Baby MonitorThere are various features that you must consider before buying the MoonyBaby monitor. Here are these features mentioned in our MoonyBaby baby monitor review. 

Dual Camera with Selective Audio Settings:

The MoonyBaby baby monitor review states that this monitor supports two cameras at a time to enable a better monitoring experience. You can see your baby play and sleep right in front of your eyes by using two different camera angles. If you see any divergence in the footage, you can turn on the audio on any of the cameras. This feature is unique on its own, bringing back the convenience and control in your life simultaneously.

Split-Screen Feature:

The most popular feature among the customers is the split-screen. It allows you to see both the cameras at the same time without any difficulty. Now you can avoid swiping to switch between various angles and cameras.

If this particular baby monitor doesn’t meet your requirements, consider taking a look at our Best Baby Monitor Under $100 list and help yourself choose the right baby monitor for your needs.

Ultra-Wide Angle:

The ultra-wide angles are another thing to love about this monitor where you can view most of the things happening inside your baby’s room without any need to move the cameras by tilting or panning it. Better results await you if you have decided to invest in this masterpiece suggested by our MoonyBaby baby monitor review.

Zooming Power:

This MoonyBaby video baby monitor’s zooming power is sufficient to let you know what is happening in the room. The 2x zoom may not be as good as other quality baby monitors, but other features outweigh this deficiency.


The temperature reading is more important than you think. It tells you about a sudden rise or fall in the temperature prevailing inside the room. An immediate increase in the temperature may indicate the risk of fire. You will find a thermostat recording all the temperature readings in your baby’s room, which is a great thing to have.

Night Vision:

Ask any mother about the most annoying thing to do, and they will answer by telling you about waking up at midnight and see if the baby is okay or not. This MoonyBaby video baby monitor is a companion in this case as you can enjoy an infrared vision with crystal clear video footage. 

Easy Set-Up:

One of the features that make this baby monitor is fulfilling for all parents and single mothers. You need to unbox the whole package and mount the cameras in the places you want. Now plug in the wires and connect the parent (main) unit to it. In the end, view the video at your unit and see the results on your own. The setup does not require experience as there is a manual and video illustration available on Youtube by the name “MoonyBaby baby monitor review.”

Battery Life of MoonyBaby Baby Monitor:

The battery life is lower than the majority of the monitors available in the market. With a session duration of 6 hours (uninterrupted and uncharged), this baby monitor may not be the most efficient when it comes to streaming for long sessions.

Private Connection:

The private connection feature makes sure that you need to establish a connection using the wifi network. You can connect the units without any external connection as there is a specific network established by the device on its own. Furthermore, according to our MoonyBaby baby monitor review, there is an encryption feature to make sure that all your video messages are free from hackers. The only flaw is the range, which is a mere 590 feet in open space.

Two-Way Talk:

Now talk with your baby while you are away from him. Just go on your unit and activate the two-way mode to connect yourself to your baby. You can see your kid and talk to him while he is feeling dull and lonely.


There are preset lullabies recorded by the manufacturer inside the baby unit where you can choose from several soft and mild lullabies to make sure that your baby sleeps without any fear.

 Silent Mode

Okay, so you might think that this mode is useless for most of the part, but this is not the case. There comes a time when you might need to silence your unit (especially during the meetings an emergency call from your boss). A simple but well thought-off feature makes sure that the silence does not part you away from your baby during the lonely hours.

  • Multiple camera support with selective audio settings.
  • Split-screen for simultaneous monitoring.
  • Easy set up for rookies.
  • Private connection and encryption to fend off hackers.
  • Two-way talk with preset lullabies.
  • Night vision and thermostat feature for high-quality monitoring.
  • The zooming power is just 2x, which is not enough to view the minor details.
  • Battery life is not something that we are a fan of because it does not support long sessions.
  • The range is lower than almost all the other competitors in the market.


The Moonybaby 55935 BV-2T baby monitor is one of the most popular monitors in the market. There are various features to like about this device as you may find a friendly interface and handy functions to make baby monitoring fun and easy for yourself. Several issues like the zoom, battery life, and range, but the quality of your experience would revolve around multi-camera support with split-screen. There are other features too, but the flaws can also be overcome by identifying your use.

If you plan to use the monitor inside the house premises only and the planned sessions are small, this monitor is made for you only.

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