HTC Vive Tracking Issues

HTC Vive Tracking IssuesThe gaming industry has been making some significant technological advances. The most popular of them all is the new trend of playing games and watching movies using a VR headset. The HTC VIVE headset opens a gateway between the natural world and the virtual environment filled with enthralling experiences.

The main feature found in most virtual reality headsets is positioning tracking systems. They allow you to move around in the virtual environment, and they enhance your experience by improving the 3-D perception of the virtual world. Thus creating a sense of realism in your surroundings.

HTC Vive Tracking Issues

VR headsets are an excellent addition to optimize mixed reality experiences. Most people face hardware issues while using them. The most common problem faced is the tracking system starts to glitch. In this article, we are going to discuss how we can fix HTC VIVE tracking issues.

Basic Ways To Deal With HTC VIVE Tracking Issues:

First things first, let’s start with talking about the simplest ways to deal with HTC VIVE tracking issues. This section has elaborated on each fixing procedure, yet we also made sure that it is easy to understand. Please ensure you read each step twice before you proceed to act according to our instructions. We suggest that you read this article carefully to avoid making any mistakes that may add to your list of problems.

  • Check Frame Timing Spikes:

When you are experiencing some tracking issues, you must check your available time frame timing spikes.  If you can see the frame timing spikes, it alarms the user about a problem in the CPU performance. To check your frame times sparks – go to the StreamVR tab, select the Settings option, click on the Performance option, and then on the Display frame timing.

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To improve your PC’s CPU performance, you can update the graphic drivers or replace the graphic cards with new ones. Make sure that you manage your PC storage by deleting files to make some memory space. You can also do that by disabling a few apps that you don’t use frequently. This will ensure that your computer runs the most smoothly and enhances your game performance.

In addition to this, you can also adjust the in-game settings by changing the resolution and reducing the quality of text and images. If you have a laptop, it probably has a battery that saves power and maximizes performance. However, you may have to change that if your computer has Windows 10 installed on your computer.

  • Correct Placement Of Base Stations:

If you can not view any frame timing spikes, there is probably an issue with your base station connections. Ensure that they are 5 to 16 meters apart and are placed at the height of 6 feet. They should be inclined downwards at an angle of 30 – 45 degrees. After that, make sure that they are powered and in sync.

Remember: the base stations should be attached or placed securely on a rough surface to prevent damage. Indeed, it is a robust object, but it will break if it falls from such a height and lands at a wrong angle. To avoid throwing all your money in the bin, you have to use the hardware that comes with this headset carefully.

  • Base Stations Should See Objects:

Moreover, you should also make sure they can see the devices. Check the LED lights on the base station; ensure the headset and controllers have a clear line of sight of the stations. Any objects or people moving in front of the base stations may disrupt the tracking system.

  • Remove Reflective Objects From The Play Area:

Don’t forget to remove any reflective objects or surfaces from around the play area! These reflective objects may cause tracking issues. Before you start playing, cover all things around the VR playroom with a cloth to prevent any reflection from occurring.

We would suggest that you create a play area in an empty room – it can be your office room. Trying to make some space in an open area would prevent you from hassling all the time. First, you cover every reflective object with a cloth, and then you start playing – prevents this from happening. Relax, make your life easier and keep your head in the game!

  • Firmly Connect Wires:

Another reason you may be facing HTC VIVE tracking issues because you probably didn’t firmly connect the wires. If you are using sync cables, they should be connected to each base station. Check to see if some wires are loosely connected to your hardware devices (headset, link box, and computers).

With this point, we would like to include a warning for a health hazard. While enjoying you are enjoying your virtual journey, you might trip over the loosely connected wires. Either that or if you have children at home, they might play with these wires. You have to make sure that this does not happen. Otherwise, you might get injured.

  • Turn Off The Front Camera:

Lastly, turning on the front camera can also be a reason behind HTC VIVE tracking problems. Whenever you open the dashboard and have issues with the tracking, your camera is the reason behind them. You can resolve this issue by lowering the camera bandwidth. You can also select the StreamVR and then choose the ‘Camera’ option to disable the front camera.


There are several reasons why you might be facing tracking issues while using your excellent HTC VIVE virtual reality headset. We have discussed all the causes of this tracking issue. You don’t have to take this somewhere and get it checked. However, if any of the aforementioned methods do not resolve the problem, you can contact the HTC support line.

Despite the problems you may face while using the HTC Vive virtual headset, it still is one of the best-mixed reality headsets that you can use to view videos and play games. We strongly recommend that you buy this virtual headset, and in case of any issue, you can refer to this article.

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