HelloBaby HB32 Video Baby Monitor Review

HelloBaby HB32 <a href=video baby monitor Review” width=”300″ height=”169″ />We have written the most wanted HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review to let our customers know about the best baby monitor available in the market. Now save yourself from the money you spend on hiring a babysitter to observe your child while you are working. Those times are long gone, as the companies have started investing in value-adding video recorders to monitor the process. You would find several devices in the market, some popular and some flopped, among which you will see a considerable market share held by the new and advanced HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor. This monitor is loved by all the parents and customers equally, so here are we starting with the said video monitor’s features.

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HelloBaby HB32 Video Baby Monitor Review

Eye-catching Design:

Hellobaby HB32 Video Baby MonitorStarting with the most common and simplest of features that you would come across. This monitor mentioned in our HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review is a very stylish, compact, and portable device that you can take anywhere with yourself. Almost all the customers admire the design of this economical yet fancy video monitor.

Screen and Video Quality

The video output is displayed on a 3.2 inches wide LCD screen that shows a high-quality picture of your baby. Now break the old trend of just hearing the audio signals from your baby’s room and jump into the whole new and modern mode of monitoring using an LCD screen that lets you know about everything happening at the other end. Our HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review suggests that you will rarely find a device with an equally high-quality video. Furthermore, read here the complete guide of the Best Split-Screen Baby Monitor.

Private and lag-free Connection

The signals that you receive from the baby unit are all sent over a 2.4 GHz bandwidth. This not only makes the transmission speed fast but also makes the video footage smooth to watch. Furthermore, the connection is established over a private network to avoid any interruption by hackers and other unauthorized people. The HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review assures your baby’s security at any cost as interference is almost impossible.

Long-range with warning

Starting with the feature that most customers liked, specifically the mothers who need to handle daily chores and buy groceries from the nearest store. 960 feet range in the open space is sufficient in most cases. HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor is a preferable option for working parents. All your worries of losing sight of your infant for even a tiny bit are now history as this device brings a considerably long range.

Multiple Camera Support

A convenient feature to have on your wish list. This baby monitor brings you multiple camera support to use more than one camera to monitor your baby. Different viewing angles can help to have a look at more than one thing at a time. This world is growing daily, and you will find a new feature being developed every time. This feature, however, is one of the best addition to your prolific multitasking experience. 

2x Zoom HelloBaby HB32

HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor might not provide you with the best zooming experience, but 2x zoom is still better than no zoom at all. Now closely monitor even the slightest of movement in your baby’s room. It requires you to push just a button to zoom in to your baby.

Temperature Alert

There is a thermostat incorporated inside the HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor to help you review the temperature prevailing inside the room at any point in time. The system immediately sends an alert to the parent unit when the prescribed temperature barrier is breached. This feature not saves your baby from many unwanted situations like a short circuit or fire emergency. This video monitor provides more information than a video being displayed on the screen on the parent unit. 

Remote Temperature Adjustment

Apart from what your thermostat states, you can always change the temperature inside your baby’s room with the help of our HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor. Yes, you read it right. You can review the room temperature, and if there are any inconsistencies, you can alter the temperature level by changing numbers from the parent’s unit. A very simple and easy way to take a 100% burden off your shoulders.

Night Vision

Vintage video monitors used to have a big issue where the camera could easily make the baby’s video footage in the morning whilst the story at night was completely different. About some years ago, cameras would have a flashlight or genuine light support to record the baby’s video during the nighttime. Modern scientists worked on this issue and developed the ever so popular infrared night vision to see during the dark. Our HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review will suggest you give this feature a try. Like any other high-quality monitoring and video shooting device, the infrared video in this monitor has no color, but the resolution is not sacrificed. 

VOX Mode

This incredible and power-efficient baby monitor brings to you the best mode possible to save the maximum battery when you need it. In this mode, the speaker output is turned off when your baby unit does not detect any sound for about 7 seconds. This helps you accumulate the charged power for a longer time. When your baby unit senses a 50 dB sound, the speakers are turned on to let, you know about the primary source. Now both you and your monitor can rest whilst your baby is sleeping. This is necessary for the monitor to have incorporated inside of it as this feature saves a lot of power consumption.

LED and Vibratory Alert

The HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor has its way of communicating the things around you and your baby’s life. This monitor can send an LED indicator to tell you that activity inside the other room or the system is inside silent mode. Moreover, you can set alarms and reminders to help you remember the things to take care of.

Battery Life

The battery life is considered one of the most important features nowadays. This feature is even more relevant in baby monitors because you need to see the footage from a distant place for quite some time. This monitor allows you to keep a check on your baby for about 12 hours in VOX mode and 8 hours in normal mode. Now save yourself from the worry of batteries running out whilst you are away from the baby. 8 hours of the active time period is below average, which is among the main drawbacks of this fantastic video baby monitor.

Two-way Talk System

Only a parent can tell how warm, secure, and convinced a baby feels when he/she hear the sound of parents. No machinery or an electronic device can replace a mother’s affection or a father’s love. The HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review has good news for you. This incredibly convenient video baby monitor allows you to talk with your young one. This conveys a sense of safety to your baby and rejoices you during the hectic office routine or domestic chores. You can sing songs to make your baby laugh. A good baby monitor is always the one that keeps both the baby and the parents happy at the same time.

Prerecorded Lullabies

Contrary to what we have mentioned in the previous heading, there are times where you would not be able to take time out from the hectic routine to talk with your baby during the monitoring sessions. This is often a big problem, especially when you have a meeting with an important client on the call and your baby starts crying. In such conditions, the preset lullabies recorded by the manufacturer in the device are one of the simplest and the most lovable automated programs installed, according to our HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review.

Easy to Use

All the features are equally handy and convenient to use while monitoring your young one. Our HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review ensures that beginners find this model very easy to use because every feature is separately available on a very friendly user interface. The buttons are also large enough to let you control the functioning without any inconvenience. If you are looking for the utmost ease and efficiency, this product is the first to try. 


Warranty claim is one of the main features to look for in all the electronic appliances you buy. This feature saves you from manufacturing defects as well as a sudden decline in the quality of your device. The story remains the same when it comes to the HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor. Our HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review suggests you invest your money in this masterpiece as this will bring a one-year warranty with itself and lifetime customer support to solve all the minor and major issues according to the company’s policies.

Pros and Cons

Every electronic device has its flaws and benefits. The HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review also promises its customers to show a brief depiction of the pros and cons to help the buyers.

  • The range is a pretty impressive thing about this device.
  • The thermostat reads the temperature of the surroundings with ease.
  • You can record the videos at night too.
  • Two-way talk feature to let you talk to your child.
  • Sweet and mild lullabies are prerecorded in the system.
  • Silent mode with LED indicators allows convenient handling.
  • Alarm to make the regular check possible.
  • Tilt and pan feature to explore the blind spots as well.
  • The zoom is a mere 2x, which is insufficient for detailed analysis.
  • The monitor does not support multiple cameras split-screen.
  • The battery life is not impressive at all when the users need long monitoring sessions.
  • There are distortions in the background at times.


The HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor review written by us is a complete package to understand if the HelloBaby HB32 video baby monitor suits your usage or not. There are clear deficiencies in this model regarding the zooming capacity, voice clarity, split-screen, and battery life. On the other hand, you will find some of the best features on offer. We have discussed each of the features in detail and then try to figure out whether you would purchase this product. Just keep in mind that the connection is strong and secure, along with a trio of video monitoring, temperature monitoring, and night monitoring to help you keep your baby secure. After all this discussion, this product is worth trying for all the parents searching for a long-term solution to the monitoring problem.

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