Does VR Headset Work With PS5?

Does VR Headset Work With PS5?Do you have a PS5 and own a PSVR headset? Then, you might put two and two together and wonder, does VR headset work with PS5? There is nothing cooler than being able to play your favorite titles with complete VR technology!

Does VR Headset Work With PS5?

However, we still don’t know if it is entirely possible. Luckily, that’s what this brief article will talk about! First, let’s look over what VR technology even is! If we know the basics and how it works, we will engage with it much better!

What Is VR Technology?

While the technology has initially made for professional learning and experiments, virtual reality in the gaming world has quickly become quite popular! It creates the perfect simulated experience that might either be in fact or hyper-reality!

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It means that the possibilities become endless! Virtual reality is popular in the entertainment industry, in fashion, medicine, and gaming! So, that leads us to the question; does VR headset work with PS5?

Does VR Headset Work With PS5?

Yes, the simple answer for this is that VR headsets do work with PS5! You can play games on your PlayStation 5 with a first-gen PlayStation VR headset. However, you need to make sure that the console has complete backward compatibility with the game titles.

It means that as long as you meet all the criteria, you may use your VR headset to play all your existing games on your new PS5 console. The only drawback is that this might limit you in one way! You will be unable to use the latest PS5 HD Camera using the VR headset.

However, there is a bit of a loophole to that! Users can work with a PlayStation Camera adapter, allowing them to connect this accessory to the next-gen PS5 console. However, if you haven’t already got it, you can request one from Sony right away!

Whenever you buy a PSVR headset, Sony has to give one to you! You might have to wait for them to send it to you, and that can take a while! However, once it gets shipped to you, you will be able to benefit from all aspects of this VR and PS5 mashup!

If you aren’t deterred by way of them shipping it to you, then you will reap all the benefits! We recommend that you apply for them to send one as soon as you can! That way, you can use the VR headset with your PS5 in no time!


In conclusion, while VR technology might seem like it’s out of reach, owners of PS5 might be able to bridge the gap much quicker! That brings us to the end of our informative guide on whether VR headsets work with PS5 or not! Hopefully, this inspires you to try it out for yourself!

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