Does The HTC Vive Pro Need A PC?

Does The HTC Vive Pro Need A PCThe HTC Vive Pro headset has enhanced the virtual reality experience for most gamers. It has advanced hardware that operates to produces state-of-the-art visuals and high-quality sounds. It allows us to escape the real world and enter a virtual world full of adventures. From an alien invasion to scrolling through your favorite movie, you can do it all using the HTC Vive Pro.

However, most people often ask us: “does the HTC Vive Pro need a PC?” The simple answer to that question is – yes! If you want to optimize your virtual experience and become a part of some thrilling, you should buy a PC. That way, you will be enjoying the virtual world while you are sitting on your chair. What’s better than have a relaxed play area and access to an out worldly environment.

Does The HTC Vive Pro Need A PC?

Does the HTC Pro Vive need a PC that has high specifications and has the best performance? Absolutely! However, getting the best PC that you can use with HTC Vive is more critical. We will discuss all the specifications in detail and tell you about which features a PC should have.

The best PC for HTC Pro Vive virtual headset has an Intel Core i5-490 FX 8350 or a better/equivalent processor. A good processor will ensure that the PC’s speed is optimal. It does not lag when the headset’s tracking system is translating your moves into the virtual world. Moreover, the PC should have 4GB RAM to store the maximum number of games so that you can play it on your headset.

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The PC must also have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070  GPU. However, other GPUs such as Quadro P5000 or AMD Radeon 56 are the best ones that your PC can have! The better the GPU is, the faster will be the creation of videos and images. Your PC should also have a 1xUSB 3.0 so that you can easily connect your headset to it.

To enjoy the best video quality, you must have a DisplayPort 1.2 that is better than HDMI. Moreover, it supports a resolution of up to 3840 x 2160 pixels displays those images at a frequency of 144 Hz. Last but not least, the PC should have Windows 10 installed on it.

See? That wasn’t that difficult. Now, we have reached the end of the article explains: does HTV Vive Pro need a PC in a well-versed and understandable manner. Just make sure that you thoroughly look at the specifications of the PC before you buy one. Getting the best PC compatible with this fantastic headset will help you gain the best gaming or viewing experience.


The article succinctly answers the question: “does HTC Vive Pro need a PC” and by the end of it, we all know that it does. However, you must consider the specification of the PC before buying to make sure that your headset is compatible with your computer.

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