BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US Review

BabySense <a href=Video Baby Monitor V24US Review” width=”300″ height=”169″ />Our article contains the BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US review for all the mothers who like to keep an eye on their children. Imagine the vintage moms who had to choose between working hard to earn a living and bringing up their kids in the right way. Well, guess what? The technological revolution has eased up the situation in this era. BabySense is one of those rare devices which makes monitoring convenient and fun for the users. We are about to discuss the reason why you should invest your money in this piece of brilliance. 

BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US Review

BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US is a product line launched by HiSense Ltd, which has a substantial manufacturing technological goods experience. Since 1991 their products are known to users, with the product under discussion not being an exception. Here’s why you should consider buying BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US immediately.

Why choose the BabySense monitor?

Video output:

Babysense Video Baby Monitor V24USThe ever so convenient video communication is one of the primary features you would like about this brilliant monitor. You can watch your baby 24/7 using the cameras installed in the room. The cameras can zoom, tilt, and pan according to your requirement, producing a high-quality image on a 2.4 inches LCD screen at your end. Furthermore, read here the full guide of the Best Baby Monitor Under $100.

Two-way communication:

Right, so this feature might seem a bit unfamiliar for most of our viewers, but you need to consider it before buying a baby monitor. You can now enter the new two-way mode to watch and talk to your baby in real-time. While you are on a break during office hours, you can enter this mode and make your baby feel secure.

Infrared vision:

An advanced and well-known feature that you will find in almost all excellent quality recording devices. You can easily see what’s happening on the other end, even if it’s dark. A colorless image does not mean that the quality is compromised. You will receive the same quality as you get in the normal mode (no distortion in the resolution and details).

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Room temperature:

The room temperature prevailing inside your baby’s room is a crucial thing to monitor. BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US allows you to check the temperature without any difficulty. The thermostat is accurate and durable for all those parents who know they worry a lot about their kids.

Broad and strong connectivity:

Establish a secure private connection to stop intruders and hackers from stealing your data. The 2.4 GHz bandwidth is all you need to send large video data on a 900 feet long range. Both the signal range and the bandwidth complement each other to provide you the best monitoring experience. BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US is a way to go when it comes to establishing a secure network with greater range & strength.

Alarms and indicators:

A pretty obvious yet convenient feature where you receive alarms at desired timings to feed, pamper, and wash your baby. Other than that, an LED indicator allows you to finish the work while BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US indicates inconsistencies if any. 


The lullaby feature enables the monitor to sing preset poems and lullabies for your kid to make him comfortable and sleepy. This function decreases your interference in the whole process because automated lullabies can handle the matter for you.


The lithium-ion batteries are durable and long-lasting for those parents who like to use the monitor over a more extended period. Now free yourself from repetitive charging routine as the BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US provides you the longest running time.

Eco Mode:

The best feature in the BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US is the eco mode where the screen turns off and the speaker silences, but when the unit senses distortion or inconsistency, then the indicator and screen simultaneously turn on.

What you would get in the package:

  • 1 x Parent unit
  • 2 x Baby unit
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 2 x User Manual
  • 1 x Lithium-ion battery

Moreover, the customer support is very responsive to all the complaints and quality-related issues.

  • The 900 meters range and 2.4GHz range allows you to monitor your baby from a long distance.
  • You can keep a check on your baby during the nighttime.
  • The two-way communication allows you to talk to your baby now and then.
  • The temperature monitoring is now an easy task as the thermostat is accurate and durable.
  • Preset lullabies are there to comfort your baby when you are away.
  • The battery has longer life for extensive monitoring sessions.
  • The recording can be viewed in silent mode with a quality addition of ECO mode.
  • The screen is smaller than most people would like.
  • The zooming power is lower than the majority of the substitutes available in the market.
  • Lower zooming capabilities might force you to keep the device closer. This restricts the view.
  • You will not get multiple camera support and a split-screen.

Top Customer Review

Henry Adams, a certified buyer, posted a review stating:

The monitor is very fun and easy to use, but I need to point out a couple of things. The first being the restricted zooming power, and the other is the malfunction when you turn the system to a multiple-camera mode. 

The rotation and switching off the monitor stop when you connect it to more than one camera at a time. Apart from all this, the features are fun to use, taking the convenience to a whole new level.


We would recommend investing your money in BabySense Video Baby Monitor V24US (a piece of brilliance) because the features are very much cost justifiable. You would get the absolute value out of the amount you spent. We have mentioned some deficiencies above, but all those flaws are subjective to your use and preference. The features, especially the battery life and the ECO mode, are convenient for those parents who usually stay away from their kids.

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