10 Best Parkour Shoes 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Parkour Shoes 2019Parkour needs the best parkour shoes to enhance their agility and foot grip. The best Parkour shoes are known for their excellent grip and flexibility. It’s always better to find the best parkour shoe that is good enough in providing you with solid and comfortable running.

However, in this buyer guide, we will tell you about the best parkour shoes in 2022, which are right in gripping, flexible, and so more, allow you a comfortable movement.

Although, you need these best parkour shoes for a more comfortable experience as they are very light in weight. So, you will never feel any heaviness while doing parkour movements.

Parkour shoes are best for comfortable wear as when you go through obstacles, you don’t have to get slippery shoes, that’s why having a parkour shoe can save your life ahead.

A solid grip and comfortable layer are the best combinations of any shoes, especially for your parkour things. So, check out the top 10 best parkour shoes which we have gathered for your satisfaction.

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Therefore, we have listed such amazing and the best parkour shoes for you. We choose them wisely, according to your needs and demands. Also, don’t miss out to further read all the pros and cons and as well as our complete buyer guide.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 – Free Running Shoes

ASICS Mens Gel - Best Parkour Shoes 2019The best parkour shoes are here for you which provide you with a better grip and a more comfortable journey. They are best in providing you with great comfort and support. They have a solid sole which is good for running and secure your feet in cold weather.

However, free running shoes are the must thing we should have. Though, Asics parkour shoes can perfectly match with your clothing for parkour as well. So, stay tuned and get your matching parkour shoes of Gel-Venture 6 which is highly recommended for running movement.

In the features you will get, padding system which makes the shoes stay warm for the longest time period. Moreover, they are available in various beautiful colors.

The best and good shoes for parkour merely give you a solid grip, so you don’t get any slippery situations. However, their extra solid soles make them a better shoe for running in cold weather.

  • Having cushion exterior
  • Perfect rugged for parkour
  • Designs and colors are attractive
  • Solid gripping
  • They are a little bit of heavy.

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Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 – Best Fashion Sneaker

Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Fashion Sneaker - Best Parkour Shoes 2019The most efficient as well as fashionable shoe is here for you by Onitsuka. The shoes are going well with your parkour clothing as well. This will give you great comfort as they are the best for boy’s parkour shoes especially.

It is a very lightweight shoe that gives you to stay active and perform more. Its lightness provides you to perform fewer efforts in parkour movements. However, in its features, you will get a cush-hole shock absorption system that directly absorbs sweating and give you long-lasting freshness.

It has a great combination of elements which makes them meant only for parkour. Also, in the middle sole, there is a kind of three holes of ventilation that are perfectly placed where the pressure and stress expand the most.

The best parkour shoes are made from lightweight material which gives you a breathing moment to perform better and for a more extended period.

  • They are very light in weight
  • Affordable at price
  • Gives you a perfect absorption
  • Solid gripping
  • Three ventilation holes
  • They are available in very bright colors
  • They are not good enough for high landings.

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Adidas Energy Boost 3 – Best Parkour Shoes 2022

adidas Energy Boost 3 - Best Parkour Shoes 2019The best shoe for parkour which gives you protection, comfort, as well as durability. They are utterly and uniquely designed according to the needs of people who are doing many different and unique activities.

Though, people have more positive remarks regarding this Adidas energy boost 3 as they are more comfortable as compared to others. The best parkour shoes allow you to perform long-running efficiently without any slippery moment.

In their features, you will get super-duper lightweight shoes that are meant for parkour as well as other activities. The shoes are good for running as they don’t require you to put in effort. Also, it has a solid rubber sole which gives you an accurate amount of gripping. The design and material are both perfect and can quickly match your requirements for the best parkour shoes.

Featuring boost technology for energy-returning, the Adidas Energy Boost 3 is ultra and more comfortable sneakers for running. This advanced and latest model from Adidas is also built with the support of the techfit upper, comfortable and supportive overlays, Torino system, and as well as a durable outsole which is made from rubber.

  • It has an exterior of synthetic mesh
  • Gives you a perfect durability
  • Can be fit easily on feet
  • It has a stiff kind of strips
  • Sometimes not feel secure completely.
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Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 3 Trail Runner – Best Free Runner Shoes

Merrell Mens Vapor Glove 3 Trail Runner - Best Parkour Shoes 2019A perfect and friendly parkour design makes the movement more comfortable and enjoyable. These are the best parkour shoes that can give you to jump freely, running, walking, climbing up fastly, or climb down, just anything you want to do.

Their minimalistic design allows you to get a perfect barefoot experience. Though, it has a microfiber footbed along with breathable technology which makes the shoes even more, attractive.

Although, they are super lightweight cheap parkour shoes by which you can perform in a better posture. Stay active and energetic with the advanced technology that makes the shoes best for you all.

However, they have a handy feature that merely gives you the power to perform in every direction or movement. Don’t limit yourself, just feel like a bird and start your parkour now.

Therefore, it has a rubber sole that is meant for running long trails efficiently without any effort or pressure. Just do climbing with the most flexible condition. Also, it has an excellent grip which provides you to jump as high as you can without any slippery fear.

Now enjoy the best parkour shoes which are listed as the best parkour shoes in 2022 as well.

  • A perfect and unique barefoot experience
  • It can easily allow doing multiple tasks and movements
  • A breathable technology
  • Solid griping
  • Comfortable design.
  • It doesn’t become available in many different colors
  • Even not having an arch much support.
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NIKE Men’s Flex 2017 RN – Best Nike Parkour Shoes

NIKE Mens Flex 2017 RN - Best Parkour Shoes 2019The best Nike parkour shoes are best in delivering comfort, durability, and most of it, flexibility. It has a unique outsole that gives you more flexibility while you are running, jumping, or even do climbing as well.

Although, the best parkour shoes have a tripod outsole system to provide support and perfect fit further. Though it doesn’t have a traditional or standard rubber sole, it has a Phylon midsole for better running and parkour movement.

Now, jump as high as you want, no need for slippery tension. Just go beyond with your Nike Flex RN 2017. Also, the Phylon midsole is actually a combination of two cushioning layers for perfect running. Perfect durability you will never in any other parkour shoes.

Though, the sole, breathable technology will give you the freedom of jumping to perform more without putting in much effort. As well as, you can go through your backyard while wearing these shoes especially in snowy weather. The perfect and stable fit backyard parkour shoes by Nike which has more durable power to perform multiple activities.

  • It can simply improve traction
  • A perfect and fashionable fitted design
  • Optimized original flex
  • Durable
  • Solid fit and gripping
  • Some people are complaining that they didn’t suit well for trails.
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PUMA Women’s Narita V3 Quilt – Girls Parkour Shoes

PUMA Women Narita V3 Quilt Running Shoe - Best Parkour Shoes 2019Puma is very rich in delivering such high-quality and durable parkour shoes for women. With this Women’s Narita V3, you can merely do lots more from running to jumping, anything you want.

Though, it is designed with a perfect fit of sockliner, outsoles, and as well as a heel for better flexibility and comfort. These are just good for free running shoes which allow you to sweat more with parkour.

However, for the outsole’s technology, it has been built with ever track high-abrasion material of rubber which directly improves durability and traction. It also has a technology of EcoOrtholite which gives you another perfect level of comfort.

Although, when you noticed, the soles have a kind of improved airflow which makes the shoes cold in warm conditions. So, now no more wet feet, just go with your flow as long as you can with the best parkour shoes by Puma.

Puma is the best choice for picking the best parkour shoes. As they always deliver such high-quality shoes for no doubt.

  • A technology of Mesh Geo-pattern
  • Having a sock liner of Eco Ortholite technology
  • A very light in weight
  • Solid flexibility and gripping
  • More durable
  • Affordable at a price.
  • People are complaining about the support of the shoes which is not good.
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Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes – Boys Parkour Shoes

Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes - Best Parkour Shoes 2019The best parkour shoes by Tiger Claw are suitable for many activities. This one is the Number 1 choice for parkour shoes which gives you extra comfort and enjoyable movements.

Though, these shoes of Feiyue Martial Arts have a simplistic, durable canvas lace-up head and as well as a padded but light sole. However, they are light in weight, so you don’t need to put much effort while doing parkour. Just stay easy and enjoy your parkour with the Tiger Claw Feiyue Martial Arts Shoes.

The tread is ideal for all types of styles, giving you maximum traction for better and ultimate performance. Though, with such an affordable price range, you can perform in a long time of period with these best free running shoes.

Although, when we talk about comfortability, these shoes will never let you down. You can perform multiple activities indoor as well as outdoor with no hassle.

However, while performing various tasks, the shoes never let you feel sweating or discomfort. Just enjoy your daily sessions and get on track always.

  • Durable
  • A very light in weight
  • Sturdy material
  • Breathable soles
  • A much expensive as compared to other parkour shoes.
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Take Flight Parkour Athletic Training Shoe – Best Training Shoes for Outdoor 

Take Flight Parkour Athletic Training Shoe 1.0 - Best Parkour Shoes 2019They are specifically designed with the help of input from amazing the elite and the world’s best parkour athletes. Though, with the help of taking Flight 1.0, you can indeed make your training of better performance to the next level.

The best parkour shoes till yet which have all the necessary qualities a parkour shoe must own it. However, they are also designed with a special kind of compound rubber for a better and reliable grip.

Although, it has a tread pattern in the outsole which merely makes the shoe grip, even more, better and fit. Therefore, providing you a better safety moment during all the training sessions.

However, it is made from the design of dual sock liner and as well as has an exclusive ‘Compression Landing System’ that merely makes the shoe suitable in every foot. They are super light and built in a way to feel like a glove on your feet. They are only the best parkour shoes for both females and males.

The shoes are best for every size, so just grab your perfect size shoes.

  • A perfect made
  • Durable quality
  • Light in weight
  • Flexible and fit perfectly
  • They are not suitable for long trails.
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Evolv Cruzer Psyche Approach Shoe – Best Parkour Shoes

Evolv Cruzer Psyche Approach Shoe - Best Parkour Shoes 2020The best parkour shoes have the latest technology for absorbing sweats and pass out the air quickly. The EvolvCruzer Psyche is perfect for trail training. It’s created on a shoe of trail-running, but also has a viscous rubber sole.

However, the interior is lined with the material of plush microfiber and as well as has a retention foam insole. Though, the outer sole is packed in a kind of sturdy canvas and providing you with great comfort.

Although, the approach shoe is entirely built for the activities which perform in the areas of outdoors but seems classy enough to be wear at parties as well. So wear your shoes and start your hiking experience without any hassle or effort. They are actually best at climbing.

Also, the style it has makes merely the people mesmerizing about the shoes. They are also light in weight with super absorb technology.

These are the best parkour shoes for you with flexible and high-performance technology as well.

  • Sturdy and tough
  • Classy and stylish design
  • Light in weight
  • Also available in women’s style.
  • People are complaining that the shoes are not breathable enough.
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NIKE Free Run Flyknit – Best Men’s Competition Running Shoes

NIKE Free Rn Flyknit 2017 - Best Parkour Shoes 2020The shoes are best known for their lightweight and flexible design. These are perfectly suitable for running activities as the runner will stay active and make pleasant comfortability.

The best parkour shoes give you more freedom to feel the sense of your running experience and enjoy the moment as well. They are super comfortable and having breathable technology that works like magic in summer weather.

You will love your training session while wearing these Free RN Flyknit 2017 by Nike. Although, they are suitable for hiking as well, so just make sure next time you make a plan for hiking, don’t forget to wear this awesome pair of parkour shoes.

However, these NIKE shoes will provide you with the best support as they have a midsole also which works like magic in your shoes.

  • Super flexible
  • High-quality material
  • Breathable soles
  • Best for running
  • Not good for long trails sessions.
  • They are much expensive as compared to other shoes.
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Best Parkour Shoes 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

What Are The Best Shoes For Parkour?

The best parkour shoes are necessary for both execution and safety, however, looking for the best parkour shoes isn’t a simple task. Hardly any dedicated parkour shoes are sturdy enough to be found easily anywhere. You have to be more conscious while going out for choosing the best parkour shoes for yourself.

Though you need to understand some basic points before buying the best parkour shoes and in this buyer guide, you will get all you need.

However, a parkour shoe is which gives you a sturdy and comfortable feeling as well as gives you a stylish look. This type of rare combination is sometimes can be tough for you to be found in one shoe.

Therefore, below are some points and tips for you to understand which types of parkour shoes are best for you and why.

  • Sturdy Material

You should have to focus on buying a sturdy and robust material for parkour. As you know, that parkour is a tough thing to do with regular and casual footwear. So, it is imperative to keep a close eye on the material first.

  • Breathable Soles

The more the soles of the shoes are breathable, the more you perform better. You need to focus on the insoles as well as outsoles types of your parkour shoes. However, mostly parkour shoes are available with built-in breathable soles.

  • Shoes That Perform Various Tasks

Yes, another point is to pick up that parkour shoe which is best for doing various activities. You just don’t need a specific parkour shoe that performs a specific activity or task.

  • Long Performing Activities

A long performance shoe is much better for you. You need to buy such parkour shoes which are reliable and can give you long-lasting performance.

  • Absorbing Technology

Last but not the least, shoes that have absorbing technology are the best for parkour. So, choose wisely and check the absorbing technology before buying your shoes.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Parkour Shoes

You need to consider these things which are mentioned below before purchasing your shoes for parkour. As you need to get a sturdy type material shoes for parkour, because, these shoes are specially made for parkour.

However, these parkour shoes can prevent you from slippering or putting effort. As because, these shoes are light in weight, so you don’t need to put much effort while doing parkour activities.

Although, check out these points below which are most essential for you to before buying the parkour shoes.

  • Sole

The most important thing before buying parkour shoes is to check their soles. You need to check out both the inside soles and outer soles of the shoe. The best breathable soles are good and perfect for parkour shoes.

Stay focus when buying the shoes for parkour, always get the breathable technology of soles which provide you with a flow of air as well.

  • Weight

Yes, the weight of the shoes is the second-best important thing for you. Try to buy lightweight parkour shoes. Though, for doing parkour activities, you need to buy lightweight shoes which don’t give you pressure on your legs.

Having a lightweight shoe for parkour is the central fact for people who want to perform various tasks. As because, when your shoes have a lot of heavyweights, you can’t efficiently be doing climb tasks such as trails.

So, for performing various tasks, a lightweight shoe is best for parkour.

  • Arch

Arch support technology is available for the shoes for parkour. Having arch support helps you while giving you a solid fit and comfortable gripping. Though, you need to get a shoe for parkour which is right in gripping, so you don’t need to get slip again and again.

  • Fitment

Having fitment support allows you to perform better and you can quickly go for long trails as well. You need to buy such shoes which are best in delivering fitment to your feet.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility in your shoe is the significant point people should have to focus on while buying a shoe for parkour. Parkour activities need a special kind of shoes which are good enough to provide flexibility as well as comfortability.

  • Durability

A durable pair of shoes can be very beneficial for your parkour. Try to get a shoe which is made of high strength so that it will stay longer.

  • Shock Absorption

Having a technology that absorbs any sweat or wetness can be a magical moment for your feet. So, pick up the best parkour shoes which have shock absorption technology.

  • Comfort

And the last point which is the most important one for you. Finding the best parkour shoes which are also best in providing a super comfortable feeling. The more relaxed and lighter you feel, the best you perform.

Essential Tips For Buying Parkour Shoes

Much the same as some other games, with the end goal to perform better and quicker in parkour, you need the suitable gear. Since parkour is tied in with running, hopping, and landing accurately, you need appropriate running shoes.

Though, Parkour is an amazingly exceptional game, which is the reason you should be clear with regards to getting the right sole of the shoe alongside a combination of other diverse components.

However, you likewise need to consider a ton of things with the end goal to prevent damage and slippery situations. While the facts show that parkour shoes are generally costly, on the off chance that you chase around there are genuinely moderate ones. However, you should be cautious about choosing which ones work best for you.

So here are those essential tips for you in choosing the best parkour shoes within your budget for sure.

  • Weight

One essential factor that you ought to think about when purchasing a couple of the best parkour shoes is their weight. The best parkour shoes are typically significantly heavier than ordinary running shoes, yet you don’t need something that is exceptionally substantial that will keep you from hopping and running.

Although, the best parkour shoes must be lightweight and pleasant, which thus will give you more trust in doing your activities. It is powerful that once you wear it, you feel as though it progresses toward becoming at one with your body.

  • Get The Right Sole

It is very prescribed that you pick the best parkour shoes that have a one-piece sole that will last more. Frequently, having two or many sole shoes won’t enable you to play out your best since it will result in a general tumble-off sooner. However, parkour includes running and hiking, it is vital that the shoe sole gives you the right hold or grip to further enable you to enhance your parkour abilities.

  • Check Out The Flexibility It Has

Always be sure that your shoes’ material has the right flexibility to secure your lower legs further. The more flexible it will be, the more it will provide you to put in fewer efforts. Parkour is a dangerous game that gives you the opportunity to do whatever stunts you require, which is the reason you need the correct and the best parkour shoes that will help secure you whether you are bouncing, jumping, or even do climbing.

  • The Most Durable Shoe Is Best

yes, you need to buy such best parkour shoes which are best in durability. Durability can give you more opportunities to perform better and in a unique way as well. So, whenever you try to buy the best parkour shoes, always keep in mind to check the durability of the shoes.

  • Perfect Material Shoes That Can Perform Much More

Focus on the material of the best parkour shoes. You just don’t need to buy one-time running shoes, no, you have to buy such shoes which are best for performing many activities.

Shoes vs Barefoot

The huge perception is in how your foot hits the ground. You need to think twice before choosing the barefoot option, just if you have any kind of leg injury or something like this.

However, barefoot can be good for some occasions like doing activities in areas indoor. So, you can pick out the option of barefoot when you are performing in indoor places.

Although, for outdoor or running-type activities, you need to wear properly fitted shoes. You can’t go and perform such actions barefoot.

Also, many people believe that fact the barefoot option can give them more reliable strikes on the ground. But even though, every choice is depending upon the activity place and requirement.

However, shoes can be fit and best for outdoor running, hiking, climbing, as well as walking. But, if you do all these things in a private indoor place, then go ahead with barefoot.


Parkour is the game that needs some perfect pair of shoes for better training sessions. The more significant part of these shoes is inventively best in class and style also. These best parkour shoes consider the feet from all points.

Breathing of the feet is the most vital part of any running game. On the off chance that shoes begin sweating, the solace level drops, and feet start to get overwhelming and painful.

The best parkour shoes made the best of all and provided you with the best comfort. They have absorption technology that never led you to sweat again.

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